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[News] Lee Min Ho Messes with Time in BTS Stills of ‘Faith’

New photos of Lee Min Ho in SBS’ upcoming drama, Faith have gotten fans excited and confused.

The recently released photos show Lee Min Ho wearing an old warrior’s uniform of the Goryeo dynasty, but holding up a plastic police shield of modern times. Fans are curious to how the shield ended up in the Goryeo dynasty and are highly anticipating the drama’s premiere.

Despite working in a thick suit in hot and humid weather, Lee Min Ho was all smiles, making the staff praise his professionalism.

They said, “It’s natural to feel exhausted while filming in hot weather, but because Lee Min Ho doesn’t show his fatigue, we’ve been filming in high spirits.”

Faith is about the love story between a Goryeo dynasty warrior (Lee Min Ho) and a modern day plastic surgeon (Kim Hee Sun), who somehow meet through a strange twist in time.

The drama is set to air on July 13 after The Chaser concludes.

Photo Credit: Faith Culture Industry Specialty Company

Source: enewsworld

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 16/07/2012

제가 초등학교 2학년(?)때요. 멀리멀리 이사를 간 ‘옆집동생 윤희’에게 쓴 편지인데요. 어떻게 돌려줘야할까 고민입니다. 이십년이 흘러버려서요ㅎ 그래도 무척 좋아하겠지요?

updated on 16 July 09:54 {KST)

Translation (Cre cheerkoo @ soompi)

When I was a 2nd grader (?) in elementary school,,,This is a letter that I wrote to a younger friend Yoon Hee who used to live next door but moved far, far away. I worried over how to send it to her. Then, 20 years flew by. ke Even so, don’t you think she would like it?


Translation of the letter

Dear YoonHee,

Have you been well?

Your mom is doing well too?

Unnie (GHS is referring to herself as Unnie=older sister as YoonHee is younger) is doing well too. Did you worry after hearing over the phone that my teeth hurt?

Uniie really hope YoonHee does not get sick.

Did you hear over the phone that I got an award for the latest exam?

I miss you so much YoonHee that it is terrible for me.

School vacation starts on the 19th, But since 18th is the election day, the vacation starts on the 17th. When I start vacation, I am going to sleep over there. Mom already gave me permission. I hope you can sleep over with me too. I still think that you are living in the upstairs room and I would go upstaris and look in.

Oh yeah! I heard that you go to piano academy. Do you get praised a lot? I am so curious.

Are you still making a big fuss when it is time to eat? If so, then listen carefully to your Unnie. People farm and cut the rice on both hot and cold days and they sweat even on cold days because they work hard farming. So, YoonHee, you cannot do that. You must eat tastily, not leaving one ?piece? of bap (rice). Unnie eats really well…….YoohHee, eat really well and exercise well too. Unnie’s hand is hurting so I am going to put down my pencil.

November 23rd. Be well. HyeSun

Cre cheerkoo @ soompi

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