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[News] “Faith” is a real fantasy

“Faith” is about to take over with its unique characters.

SBS drama “Faith” released a preview prior to the actual broadcast on the 13th of August. Yoo Oh-seong, Sin Eun-jeong, Seong Hoon and other characters could be seen briefly but they all left strong impressions.

Ki-cheol (Yoo Oh-seong) stands against Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) with Hwa Soo-in (Sin Eun-jeong) and Cheon Eum-ja (Seong Hoon) to take control of the Koryeo modification. He acts out a cold-blooded politician full of greed for power and desire. Although he has a fancy appearance, he is very cruel and fearful. His skill is to freeze anyone he touches.

Yoo Oh-seong said, “This is the first time I am doing action like this with special powers and I am curious about how it will turn out. I hope you enjoy watching it”.

Sin Eun-jeong is about to appear sexy as Hwa Soo-in. She is a the Koryeo’s femme fatale with her seductive looks but she has the viciousness of killing people without caring. She is a fire holder who can concentrate fire on her right hand.

Seong Hoon takes on the role of Cheon Eum-ja, an indifferent poke face who always carries around an instrument he uses to attack people with.

“Faith” contains the genre of a historical with fantasy elements and presents something that has never been seen before. Directed by Kim Jong-hak who also did “The Legend”, “Faith” is one drama this year everyone is looking forward to.

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[News] Lee Min Ho and Faith were Meant to Be?

The upcoming SBS drama Faith has been showing off a lot of interesting ties with Lee Min Ho and its predecessor, The Chaser.

First of all, it seemed to come at precisely the right moment for Lee Min Ho.

A rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starus Entertainment, said, “Lee Min Ho was considering appearing in a traditional drama to try a new genre and change his image, and just then we were offered Faith. Actors and pieces need to be meant for each other, but [Lee Min Ho] met with the great piece at such a nice time, it was as if the heavens had provided for him.”

Lee Min Ho will be returning to the small screen with Faith, which follows the conclusion of The Chaser. As The Chaser has been praised for being a well-made, high-quality piece; viewers have been looking forward as to whether Faith will continue the legacy.

It′s interesting to note that Faith and Lee Min Ho aren’t the only ones that share a special connection. Faith, The Chaser and Lee Min Ho all do.

Kim Sang Joong, who appeared in The Chaser as a charismatic presidential candidate, was Lee Min Ho’s stepfather in City Hunter.

Scriptwriter Park Kyung Soo of The Chaser used to be the assistant of Faith’s Song Ji Na. Song Ji Na has been writing her own script with a strong determination, saying she would write as if the piece were her last to follow the success of her former assistant Park Kyung Soo’s debut drama.

Producer Jin Hyuk of The Chaser was the producer of City Hunter, and not only that, but Faith and The Chaser share similar storylines in that The Chaser was about strong ambition in the presidential race, while Faith is about how a king becomes a true king.

Another official from Starus Entertainment told enews, “Lee Min Ho will be showing off a new side of himself through this traditional drama. He’ll appeal with charms completely different from those he showed for modern pieces, and you can look forward to seeing his charisma as an actor.”

Viewers can probably look forward to where this ‘special’ drama will take Lee Min Ho, and whether it will continue the success of The Chaser, which originally started off as filler material.

Faith will air its first episode on August 13, after the London Olympics come to a close.

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