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[Photo + FA] 151121 Ku Hye Sun @ “Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring” Concert


I was so lucky to be able to attend HyeSun’s concert. I have confirmed my trip to Seoul way before the concert announcement. When the news about the concert is released, I know I am definitely going since its date is during my Seoul trip.

I expected that it would be an instrumental concert with Hyesun playing piano with other musicians, but it ends up was Choi In Young with musicians playing HyeSun’s music. Hyesun just came out at each session introducing the music and sang a few songs. Of course, to Sunnies, we feel not enough. :p Nonetheless, her music is beautiful as always, it’s a pleasure to listen to her music at a cozy venue like Understage. Read More…

[FA] 150731 Ku Hye Sun @ Shinhan Card GREAT Talk interrobang

I went. I saw her fully right in front of my nose. No pictures allowed so no photos.

She wore an ivory blouse and light pink skirt to match. Her hair was bright ?yellow/regal color and looked as if she gained a bit of weight in a pretty way. She looked comfortable. With her special big smile she walked up to stage that had nothing on it.

She said that she felt a bit of panic standing on an empty stage –she felt as if she is facing the audience fully exposed. She said she came prepared with some notes but, now that she is here, she feels like other stories are coming up.

She spoke carefully. Since she is invited as a director, she spoke from that perspective. She said that she felt the strong urge to direct as if she was in love wholeheartedly and she just had to do it. –you know..if you fall in love, you cannot see anything else. She says she wanted to be free from 5 areas.

1. freedom from funding–like most directors, she also had much anxiety about funding when she went into directing and, but she wanted to be free from it.

2. freedom from family–it is linked to the first one. She is not talking about wanting to be independent from her family. What she means is that she felt guilty that she was not sufficiently supporting her family and she wanted to be free from that feeling. 

3. freedom from critics—she does not mean that she will ignore others’ criticisms. She knew that there will be enormous negativity and condemnations. She just wanted to be able to endure no matter how harsh the criticisms and condemnations may be. 

4. (poster did not expect this) freedom from jealousy –she said that she realized that she felt jealous of others who are doing better than she is and also realized that the emotions that she exerted on such issue only made her feel more pitiful. And, she wanted to be free from that.

5. freedom from needing to be great—at times, she felt the need to give herself a praise, but she even wanted freedom from such a need.  Read More…

[FA] 140705 Ku Hye Sun spotted at Cafe Manolin with Suh Hyun Jin

A lucky DC-AE fan went to Cafe Manolin on July 5th, 18:05 (6:05pm)

심장이 벌렁벌렁 My heart is beating

여리여리하고 하얗고 청순 slender and white and pure
완전 이뻐 ㅠ totally pretty.
남색 헐렁한 반팔셔츠에 wearing navy blue loose short sleeve shirt
종방연때 입은거랑 비슷한 연청바지에 with light blue jeans like the one she wore at wrap-up party
굽 높지 않은 갈색단화 brown shoes without much heels
헤어스타일은 엔아 수와니랑 동일해 her hairstyle is same as Swannie’s
절친 ㅅㅎㅈ이랑 엄청 화기애애하게 얘기중이심 Right now she is with her best friend Suh HyunJin having extremely fun conversation
방해될까봐 아는체도 못하고 I am not able to acknowledge her for fear of bothering her.
힐끔거리기만 하고 있는데 I am basically making a lot of side glances at her direction
수와니 천사같다 Swannie looks like and angel
귀엽게 웃기도 하면서 그 웃음소리가 정말 친숙해 I see her smiling cutely at times and the sound of her laughter is so familiar
사진은 나중에 올릴께 I will post the pix later.

Source: DC AE

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

늦어서 미안 ==I am sorry that the pix are late.
개인적인 일로 좀 바빴어. got busy with some personal matters.

서래마을 ㅁㄴㄹ갔다가 I went to Surae Village’s Cafe Manolin..
갑자기 수와니랑 ㅅㅎㅈ씨 들어와서 깜놀했어 suddenly Swannie and Suh Hyunjin-ssi entered and I was shocked.
수와니 실물이 사진에 안 담겨. I could not capture Swannie’s real beauty in my photo..
그리고 방해되지 않게 조용히 사진에 담느라 To make sure I am not intruding, I had to take pix very quietly that
촛점도 흐리고 화질도 좋지않고 I could not very well focus so the pix is not that clear.
그렇지만 But!
내 생눈으로 본 수완이는 Swannies whom I saw with my very own eyes..
청순 뽀얌 예쁨 그 자체인데 pure white beauty itself.
마르고 얼굴 완전 작아 so thin with such a small face..
그리고 AND!
수와니 나갈때 정면으로 수완이 얼굴 본 순간 심멎 As Swannie was leaving, I saw Swannie’s frontal that moment, my heart just stopped.
진짜 사랑스럽게 생겼더라 She really looks lovely.
저 얼굴을 보니 같은 여자도 심장이 벌렁벌렁 As I saw that face, my heart just fluttered and I am a female.
입이 안 다물어지더라 My mouth just hung open and could not close it.
나 오늘 꿈 꾼건가 Did I dream it all?

Source: DC AE <—— Not sure if the pix could be posted outside DC, please click this link for the pix

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

[FA] Ku Hye Sun’s Q&As @ Cine France “The Peach Tree” Special Screening

5th week of CineFrance (Oct 29, 2013) plays Peach Tree; Cine Club with Director Ku HyeSun.

“Great Artists inside the Screen” is the theme of CineFrance of October. The last movie selected for screening this month is the work of Director Ku HyeSun who is also CineFrance’s promotion ambassador. Director Ku HyeSun and Korea-France Cultural Center’s Daniel Cavalier came to end of the month Cine Club. Here is the live-like report from that day.

Read More…

[FA] 131014 Meeting Ku Hye Sun @ AfterImage Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Meeting Ku Hye Sun in person twice within 6 months was just a gifted experience in my life. Glad to see her being cheerful and always wearing a big smile on her face. Wishing her exhibition in Hong Kong every success!

The reception backdrop on which Ku’s short film “You” was looping on the TV

Read More…

[FA] 130609 Ku Hye Sun @ Ulleungdo

I know that most of you know about goddess Ku HyeSun-nim making a surprise appearance at pianist Paik KunWoo’s concert on June 4th.

So, today is a weekend and I happen to live in Ulleungdo, albeit a student..keke

I took the time to go and see the place where Ku HyeSun-ssi is lodging at Ulleungdo Choo-san.

I went there to meet her. However, she did not come down even for lunch. I went there in the morning and waited for 6 hours. Finally I met her!

Wow, I saw her briefly at the Paik KunWoo-nim concert and I also saw her today. She was in her natural appearance and she is still pretty.

I know that some of you still would not believe what I say, so I am posting the autograph that I received from her.

This post was posted on June 9th which is Sunday.
She also said: Ku HyeSun has been in Ulleungdo since last week for Paik KunWoo-ssi’s concert so that she can make a documentary. I hear that she will be leaving in 2 or 3 days later.

Source: DC KHS

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

[FA] 130525 Ku Hye Sun @ HK13 Artfair

Sorry for the delay, here is the account of the second day. Seeing Ku Hye Sun in flesh for 2 consecutive days! How lucky am !? 😀 There were like over 60 fans at the exhibition, so I have just had a short encounter with her.

When we arrived at the exhibition, we can see HyeSun’s room is already packed plus some were waiting outside in the corridor. HyeSun hasn’t arrived yet so we just wait in the corridor. After a while, HKC staff came and asked all the fans to clear a path for Ku to go through. So we know she is coming! Fans greeted her on both sides of the corridor (including me) and she smiled at me when she walked pass in front of me. I was really mesmerized and have totally forgotten to take pictures even my camera is ready in my hand. XD

HyeSun went into her room which was already packed with fans. As I was in the corridor, I don’t know what had happened. (From other fan accounts we know that she was signing autographs and taking selca for fans) I can only hear ‘wow & woo’ from the room. I was hoping that we would be the next batch to get into the room, but HyeSun suddenly came out and went to the VIP room. Staff mentioned that she had a meeting. So I moved into her exhibition room and hope that she would be back. But she’s gone after the meeting without returning to her room. Staff came in and said that she has other schedule and might not be back.

I feel kind of lost as the gift I have prepared for her was still in my hand. So I stayed in the room to try my luck.  Here we go~ HyeSun returned for taking official profile pictures. We were requested to leave the room for her photoshoot, but we know we still have a chance after that! After the shoot, staff came out and asked all fans to move to the entrance backdrop, HyeSun will be out for photo & autographs.

I was standing at the door when the door opened, so I just walked to HyeSun and handed her my gift. I said to her that it’s a figure of Gamja & Ssam, hope she would like it. She said, “Gamja?!” then thanked me and smiled again. (I was enchanted @@) At that time I finally remembered I should take a pic of her as she’s right in front of me!

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[FA] 130524 Meeting Ku Hye Sun @ HKC13 Artfair

Exciting day for all of us! The day we have been looking forward to for months has come. The experience was amazing and it worths waiting!

All of us met at the hotel lobby at 6:30pm with gifts in hands, waiting to meet Hye Sun at the artfair. Thanks to HKC, we have got VIP tickets to the opening. When we entered the artfair, we immediately found the room of HyeSun’s exhibits (the exhibits are displayed in hotel rooms, each artist/ gallery has their own room). But we didn’t see HyeSun when we enter into the room. The lady in the room (later we knew that she is the art assistant of HyeSun, Ms Lee is helping to sell HyeSun’s art pieces) said HyeSun was having dinner and will be back soon. So we started taking pics of her art pieces, waiting for her.

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[FA] 130430 Ku Hye Sun @ CineFrance CineTalk

This blogger came to CineFrance—- screening of a French Film, De Rouille et d’os=Rust and Bone. The blogger says this is the last CineFrance cinetalk.

“Before the start of the movie, CineFrance’s Council Daniel Cabellion as well as someone who is referred to as CineFrance’s ambassador or actress Ku Hye Sun greeted the audience. Amazingly, there were empty seats right next to me. I thought it strange since the movie was sold out completely. The seats were for those two people! (Actress Ku Hye Sun is definitely much more feminine and prettier than when she appears on TV. I always thought that she has that strongly cute image on TV, but she is definitely much more feminine than I thought.)


Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi


Another pic of HyeSun at Gangneung

Beautiful Ku~

Credit & Source:

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