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[News] Ku Hye Sun reveals jealousy towards her mother

Actress and movie producer Ku Hye Sun revealed jealousy about her loyal dog Gamja(it means potato in Korean.)

On the afternoon of July 19, Ku posted on her Twitter, “Naughty Gamja. I pinched her cheeks.” A little after that, she uploaded multiple pictures with the caption, “Gamja only has eyes for my mother. They love each other.”

One of the picture shows Gamja getting her cheeks pinched, and the other picture shows Gamja looking at Ku’s ‘mother.’

Netizens commented: “You must’ve gotten jealous because Gamja loves your mother so much.” “Your mother looks pretty as well.” “You look very happy.”

Last year, Ku entered SungKyunKwan University’s Department of Media. Recently, she uploaded a picture of her report card and created a stir. She had a 4.44 GPA and ranked first place among 52 students.

Source: TV Report


[Photo] Lee Min Ho for Semir

Cre Semir & ochloe

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 19/07/2012

얄미운 감자. 볼을 꼬집어 보았습니다.

updated on 19 July 2012 17:11 (KST)

Translation (cre cheerkoo @ soompi):

Gmaja is ‘hateful’. I am pinching his cheek.


어무니만 바라보는 감자. 서로 사랑하는 사이랍니다.ㅎ

updated on 19 July 2012 17:30 (KST)

Translation (Cre Ayesuper):

Gamja only looks at mom. They look like lovers (they love each other) . Heh


감자와 만두와 함께. 만두는 어디있을까요.ㅎ

update on 19 July 2012 18:07 (KST)

Translation (cre cheerkoo @ soompi):

Me with Gamja and Mandoo together. Can you tell where Mandoo might be? keke

[News] Lee Min Ho kidnaps Kim Hee Sun on Faith

Lee Min Ho meets Kim Hee Sun for the first time in an unusual way on SBS TV’s new drama series Faith.

Some snapshots, released on July 19, show Lee and Kim meeting each other for the first time. Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) comes to the modern world to bring a doctor assigned by the God to the Goryeo Dynasty, and Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) meets Choi Young as she is the doctor assigned by the God. The scene of Choi Young kidnapping Yoo Eun Soo to the Goryeo Dynasty is increasing many viewers’ curiosity.

Lee had to carry Kim over his shoulder several times when shooting the scene. However, he rehearsed it many times in various angles and completed the scene without showing a tired look. Lee, worrying about Kim if she would get hurt by his rough armor, and Kim, feeling sorry to Lee because he had to carry her over his shoulder several times, attracted the crew members’ attention.

A spokesperson for Faith says, “The scene of Choi Young and Yoo Eun Soo meeting each other for the first time is an important one because it sets off a romance between them. This thrilling scene will be a very interesting part to watch. Please look forward to it.”

Faith, which is attracting a lot of attention because it’s created by the famous producer and writer Kim Jong Hak and Song Ji Na, will start airing on August 13.

Source: TV Report

“Faith” Lee Min-ho sacks Kim Hee-seon

Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-seon meet for the first time.

Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) travels to the modern times to take Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-seon) the chosen physician back to the Koryo times.

Choi just throws her over his shoulders and kidnaps her back to his time.

While filming this scene, Lee Min-ho had to carry her on his shoulders several times but didn’t show any sign of tiredness. He worried she would get hurt on his hard and rough suit and she worried he would get hurt carrying her on his shoulders so often.

The first meeting point of the two will become a very starting point of everything that happens to them with a time gap of 660 years.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho takes on the role of Choi Yeong who isn’t afraid of dying and runs head first into everything and Kim Hee-seon takes on the role of a bold female doctor Yoo Eun-soo in this drama which shows the process of making a true king.

Source : newsen

Credit: hancinema


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