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Ku Hye Sun retweeted Lee Oisoo’s tweet (31/07/2012)

Hyesun retweeted the tweet by @oisoo

이외수의 조카 전형택이 그린 구혜선과 이외수.

31 July 2012 15:57 (KST)

Lee Oisoo’s nephew Jeon Hyeong Taek drew this cartoon of Ku Hye Sun and Lee Oisoo, and also Gamja ^^

[News] Gu Hye Sun Announces New Art Exhibition Featuring 120 of Her Own Art Pieces

Gu Hye Sun will be holding another personal art exhibition

On July 31, Gu Hye Sun broke the news through her Twitter writing, “From September 17 through the 24. At the Seoul Arts Center the ‘Gu Hye Sun Art Exhibition’ will be held. 120 pieces are planned to be exhibited. I will be there for those eight days ^^.”

Included were a few pictures of Gu Hye Sun’s pieces.

Netizens commented, “I will be sure to go!”, “Gu Hye Sun really can do anything” and “You’re so talented.”

Gu Hye Sun previously held an art exhibition titled ‘Tango’ in 2009 in Seoul.

Photo credit: Gu Hye Sun’s Twitter

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho shows off his talent at horse-riding

Lee Min Ho recently surprised the crew of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith by showing off his talent at horse-riding.

On July 31, some snapshots of Lee showing off his talent at horse-riding were released. At the recent shooting of Faith, Lee shot a horse-riding scene in a mountain area. In the series, he plays the role of Choi Young, the best warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Lee also surprised everyone by enjoying horse-riding with a trainer of the horse.

The trainer says, “I think Lee Min Ho is very brave. A lot of experienced horse-riders are afraid of riding a horse in a mountain area, but Lee enjoyed. I think he’s very brave.”

Kim Jong Hak, a director of the series, says, “I think Lee Min Ho can take part in the Olympic Games. I can see how much he has prepared for this series when we shoot action scenes. He always tries hard to show something new.”

Faith is a romantic drama series about Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty, and Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun), a doctor of the modern world. The series will start airing on August 13 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report


Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 31/07/2012

updated on 31 July 2012 03:58 (KST)

Translation (cre cheerkoo @ soompi)

am planning to attend the JaeChunIMFF. I will stay there from the opening day on August 9th to the 14th. Late evenings, you will discover one woman’s backside, weaving about  JaeChun, tearing into dry squids. haha


9월17일부터 24일까지.예술의 전당 (한가람 미술관-갤러리 세븐)에서’구혜선 개인전’을 합니다.120점 전시 계획인데요.팔일동안 그곳에 머물겁니다^^

updated on 31 July 2012 12:02 (KST)

Translation (Cre Bing Translator):

September 17-24. Seoul Art Center (Hangaram Art Museum-Gallery seven) in the ‘ Ku Hye-Sun solo exhibition ‘. 120 points exhibition plan will stay in there for the day to sell. ^^

추가로 몇점 더 공개합니다^^

Translation (Cre Bing Translator):

An extra few points higher to open ^ ^


Translation (Cre Bing Translator):

September 17-24. Seoul Art Center (Hangaram Art Museum-Gallery seven) in the ‘ Ku Hye Sun solo exhibition ‘ (relationship). exhibited 120. planning for eight days you’ll stay in there ^ ^

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