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[CF] Lee Min Ho – Eider 2015 S/S Ice-T TVCF

15s version

20s version

Cre eiderfriends

Lee Min Ho updated on SNS on 22/04/2015

사칭땜에 나도 시작  #내가진짜 #미노미 #사칭노노

[there is counterfeit (IG account), so I started one #Iamthereal #Minome #counterfeitnono]

진짜 나 맞아 #인증 #leeminho #리밍하우 #minoz

[Really It’s me #authentication #leeminho #liminghau #minoz]

* he started an instagram account: actorleeminho Read More…

Lee Min Ho updated on SNS on 19/04/2015

여러분 나 인천이에요 김포 아니에요!! 빨리 조심히 돌아가요- 흑흑 ㅠㅠ

(I am at Incheon, not Gimpo!! Go home quickly and be careful – sob ㅠㅠ )

Lee Min Ho updated on weibo on 18/4/2015

빠빠이 샤먼~ 오랜만에 보니 죠으다. Hi 又见面了 厦门!看到大家真的很开心.

(based on Chinese: Hi, we meet again, Xiamen! I am really happy to see you all.)


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