[Photo + FA] 151121 Ku Hye Sun @ “Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring” Concert


I was so lucky to be able to attend HyeSun’s concert. I have confirmed my trip to Seoul way before the concert announcement. When the news about the concert is released, I know I am definitely going since its date is during my Seoul trip.

I expected that it would be an instrumental concert with Hyesun playing piano with other musicians, but it ends up was Choi In Young with musicians playing HyeSun’s music. Hyesun just came out at each session introducing the music and sang a few songs. Of course, to Sunnies, we feel not enough. :p Nonetheless, her music is beautiful as always, it’s a pleasure to listen to her music at a cozy venue like Understage. Read More…

[News] Lee Min Ho to release special album ‘The Day’ in Korea and China at the same time


Actor Lee Min Ho will soon release his special album for fans titled ‘The Day,’ which will be released in both Korea and China at the same time.

During Lee Min Ho’s birthday in July of this year, Lee Min Ho released the song ‘Thank you’ to show his gratitude to fans for their continuous support and love. Thus, this new album will be his first new release in four months.

Since May 2013, Lee Min Ho has been regularly releasing music like ‘My Everything,’ ‘Song For You,’ and ‘Thank You,’ as he hopes to express his gratitude to fans.

The first song ‘Gift’ that’s included in his new album, expresses the thoughts of Lee Min Ho who finds his fans precious and treasures them. With his clear vocals accompanied by the guitar sounds, the song will definitely move the earbuds of fans. The second song ‘Just like that moment’ will describe the feelings of thinking about the past, and hopes that the earnest heart from then will forever stay that way.

The album will be akin to Lee Min Ho singing to fans, and will also provide a form of healing to others. ‘The Day’ will come in a box version, and allow fans to buy it as a collectible.

‘The Day’ will go on sale on November 25th in both Korea and China. It will be available in Japan on November 30th, and simultaneously around the world from December 4th.

By: Alvin

[News]Tickets for Lee Min Ho’s talk concert completely sold out


Tickets for Lee Min Ho’s talk concert were sold out.

Actor Lee Min Ho is going to hold a talk concert in Seoul on January 16th, 2016 under the title of ‘MINOZ WORLD,’ and 3,000 tickets were completely sold out a minute after they were opened on November 23rd.

Many people are showing largely surprised reactions, because the tickets were opened for official fan club members only.

Fans who failed to purchase the tickets strongly requested opening extra tickets, and Lee Min Ho decided to open more tickets to accommodate as many fans as possible.

A representative of Lee Min Ho’s management agency said, “We were going to accommodate 3,000 fans only, but we decided to open more tickets by fans’ strong requests.”

Lee Min Ho has held annual world tour and fan meetings for several years, and he is getting prepared for the upcoming talk concert with huge passion. It is said that he is thoroughly directing the concert preparation himself even though he is still going through hectic schedules,

During the concert, Lee Min Ho will talk about many different stories that happened in his career, and also present special performances. Lee Min Ho is holding the concert as a loving return to his fans, and he will have the most intimate communication that he has ever had with his fans.

Lee Min Ho had presented a great number of high-quality performances during his previous world tours and fan meetings.

Many people are showing hot reactions for Lee Min Ho’s unchanging sincerity and attitude for his fans, and he is now being talked about as one of the most representative role models for many Korean celebrities.

Last year, Lee Min Ho had released his first official music album, and the setlist will be mostly composed of songs that were included in the album, such as ‘My Everything,’ ‘Song For You,’ ‘Paradise In Love,’ ‘Stalker,’ ‘Burning Up,’ and ‘Travel.’

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is shooting a new film titled ‘Bounty Hunters’ these days.

Source: sg.entertainment.yahoo.com


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