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[Event] “Good Luck, HyeSun at BIFFF” project

This project is encourage Sunnies to wish HyeSun Good Luck for Peach Tree at BIFFF, and to let her know her fans love and miss her at the small/big screen. We can also compliment her on the recent public appearances and congratulate her for being invited for HKC art fair.  Basically say whatever are in our hearts.

This can be in the form of cards/letters to be sent to Cafe Manolin address, which means like last time copy,cut and paste.

Put “Good Luck,HyeSun at BIFFF” project on the front of the envelop.

We can send anytime from now, the sooner the better to reach her before she leaves for BIFFF
(don’t know when, possibly before April 2 as it starts then) If allowing 2 weeks, by March 15.

   Gallery Café Manolin  

   갤러리카페 마놀린

   주의: 구혜선      attention: Ku HyeSun

   서울시 서초구 반포4동

   Seoul-shi   SuhCho-gu  Ban Po  4-dong


   South Korea


P.S. Thanks S_sun for initiating this project 🙂

[Event] “Love Letters to HyeSun” Project

Soompi Sunnies have initiated the “Love Letters to HyeSun” Project, aiming to show our love & support to Hyesun.

“Love Letters to Hyesun” Project

Aim: to show our love & support to HyeSun

Format:  – Postcard to YG Entertainment

– Message in any format (postcard, greeting card, letter, etc.) to cafe manolin

Method: write your message and send the cards/ letters to cafe manolin & the postcards to YG Entertainment attentioning Ku Hye Sun. Please post them on Jan 21, 2013. As it would take 7-14 days for postal from different countries, the cards/ letters might reach her on different days. Thus, please mark “Love Letters to HyeSun” on envelop/ postcard to ensure HyeSun would know that this is a project / campaign from Sunnies around the world.


Gallery Café Manolin  

갤러리카페 마놀린

주의: 구혜선      attention: Ku HyeSun

서울시 서초구 반포4동

Seoul-shi   SuhCho-gu  Ban Po  4-dong


Seoul, South Korea


YG Entertainment 

attention: Ku HyeSun

397-5 YG Building   (5th Floor)
Hapjeong-Dong, Mapo-Gu


Seoul, South Korea

Please join us to send our love message to her!

[Event] Blogger’s review on 121127 Tea Time with Author Ku Hye Sun

Fruit of Opportunity blooms from Ku Hye Sun’s ‘Peach Tree’

About 10 people who came to Tea Time with Author Ku Hye Sun are her devoted fans in that they all read her novel Peach Tree and also saw the movie. Ku Hye Sun greeted the participants with her humbleness: “Thank you for coming to this inadequate and humble event to spend time with me in your busy schedule.

Questions and Answers:

Q: The ending of the movie and the novel seem different. Did you do that on purpose?

Rather than thinking of it as the difference in the ending, it is more the difference in timing/point of view. In the movie, the story flows mainly from the perspectives of Nam Sang Mi and Ryu Deok Hwan roles with Jo Seung Woo’s emotional expressions giving it yet another perspective. However, the novel is written entirely from SeungAh’s perspective. The most important point is SeungAh (Nam Sang Mi’s role) running with the manikin. That is how I made the ending. So it is possible to interpret differently.

Q: What is your reason for using Siamese twins as your motive? Did you ever really see a Siamese twins? I am curious.

People often told me that the concept of the story has novelty but that it also feels objectionable and bizarre. Actually, I saw the image of Siamese twins in my dream and never actually saw one.  I guess the dream is the result of having pondered so much alone on the theme.  It was mentioned that Siamese twins represents us, alluding to a person’s duality and ambivalence. However, because of my job as an entertainer, the Siamese twin image also represents my family who often become the unwilling, secondary victims because of me. From my dream, melody also came to me. That is why, <Peach Tree> movie, unlike other movies, started with an OST.

Q: Can you say what are the three most important things in your life?

I am no different from others. Family, People whom I have fatefully met, and Me. I especially think very preciously of the fateful/destined meetings. In my 29 years of living, there is not one, besides my own family, whom I have met for the last entire 29 years.  Even if we had been very close for 1 to 2 years, we can suddenly become distant at one moment. Even if we may have been close for past 10 years, we can again become distant due to some type of environmental and situational changes. That is why, some time ago, I decided to give my attention to every single minute that I am meeting that person. 

Q: Who is your life mentor?

Due to the nature of the TV programs, I have mentioned specific people. However, I really have tons of mentors. When I was a young student, I have often thought of the various homeroom teachers who changed every year as my mentors. At times, my mother who “stews and stir-fries” me as well as a boyfriend have been my mentors. When I look back, all the people that I met have been my mentors. I have a personality that prefers not to decide on just one thing. If I do that, I feel imprisoned by that one thought.

Q: Do have an artist that you like or an artist who influenced your own paintings?

At an interview long ago, I mentioned that a book called, <To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci> influenced me a great deal.  However, suddenly many articles came out saying that Ku Hye Sun’s role model is Leonardo DaVinci and I remember feeling very embarrassed. I am very grateful to that book which certainly helped me to practice thinking in  three-dimensional way and to think from various angles and perspectives.

Q: You have many titles before your name: director, writer, actress, artist, singer, etc. Which is most endearing to you?

I like them all. I am embarrassed to say this but I often applaud myself for my courage. People often comment that I got my chances because I am Ku Hye Sun. Actually, no one handed me the opportunity. Anyway, I cannot say that I became successful in any one thing. I have not yet been acknowledged and I don’t see a need to do something to get acknowledged. In spite of that, I give myself endless opportunities, I forgive myself and I continue to work.

Q: You have stepped up to numerous challenges so far. Is there anything else that you are preparing for a challenge?

Instead of looking at it as a challenge, I consider it homework. I want to study and analyze ways to lessen the damage/debt. I drew and composed way before twenty’s. What I have shown to the public are my works from after the debut. After undergoing numerous trials and errors, I think my ability to judge is slowly improving. I would judge that <I should not do this> or <It would be good to dig deeper inot this one>, etc. It is not easy for an actor to invest all the money that she has painstakingly saved into something unfamiliar. I need to look at the past 10 years of loss/damage as my asset and think about methods to decrease the damage/loss. If I must pick something as my next challenge, perhaps it is marriage. I think Wonder Girls’s SunHye who announced her marriage is very brave. I think that marriage will become my life’s biggest challenge.

Q: Do you have your own definition or meaning about soulmate? I am curious about who is your soulmate.

My thought about soulmate is someone with whom you can relax your mind and talk/gossip without restraint. My soulmate is my old friend Suh HyunJin. She made a special appearance as the Siamese twins’ mother in the Peach Tree movie. She also appeared in my movie YoSool. We are so close that she is Ok with a free dinner as her acting fee. For her current acting fee, I am going to buy her dinner for 5 years.

Q: Do you have any goals or destination as an artist?

I want liberation. Rather than the meaning of liberation as mentioned in Buddhism, I am talking about feeling free from the aspects of capital/fund/money. When capital is emptied, it is very difficult to work. I have worked for the past 10 years, but it was very hard because I could not save money. I want to be able to feel happy even if I do not make money from what I make. When people say that “Art is important”, I feel it is synonymous with “People are important”. Therefore, I want to climb to a state where I am free from giving and receiving criticism.

Q: As it was contained in the novel and the movie, did you ever wanted to make a children’s book?

I really wanted to write a children’s book as seen  in the movie. Even so, the reason that I did not proceed is due to much opposition from people around me. Actually, I wanted to write the children’s book so that I can use it meaningfully. In the past, I visited the hospital where Representative Jung SeungHye of Morning Production Co., was hospitalized. She told me that children in the pediatric ward want to read a book the most. At first, that is why I wanted to write a children’s book. But, it just could not be smoothly arranged. So, I wrote the novel first. When an opportunity arises, I hope to make a children’s book.

Q: Do you have a most memorable scene from the movie or the novel?

I like the scene where Ryu Deok Hwan is crying while lying straight on the bed and the scene where Nam Sang Mi is crying and running with the manikin. In the movie, there are no scenes where Seungah is falling down. In the novel, SeungAh is constantly falling down. I felt very moved by that aspect of the novel. Both the movie and the novel have tragic ending. I often asked myself, “can the ending be happy?” I think both the movie and the novel tried to show that.

Blogger’s ending comment:

Ku Hye Sun created with great imagination a fantasy novel and movie of the same name <Peach Tree> starring Siamese twins whose occurrence is as low as 2million:1. She revealed in various interviews, but a peach symbolizes the image of a baby and the blessing of the birth. And, the peach tree symbolizes the image of the mother. Under the simple title of <Peach Tree>, Ku Hye Sun dissolved into it the pain of the Siamese twins’ who grew up without motherly love and without normalcy.

Could it be possible that she wanted to fulfill the joy and the opportunity that they never enjoyed? Ku Hye Sun created many opportunities for herself. She has many titles before her name: actor, movie director, artist, singer,etc. She did not earn those titles easily just because she is an entertainer. However, it stems from a consistent and sincere attitude of giving oneself continuous chances? I wonder what other type of fruit will bloom from Ku Hye Sun’s peach tree and look forward to it.

Source & Credit:

Translation credit: cheerkoo @ soompi

[Event] A review on 121127 Meeting with “Peach Tree” author Ku Hye Sun

Ku Hye Sun continues to create through art, music, movie and novel and more. Ku Hye Sun says that she wants to talk about love in her works. What is LOVE in her mind? She does not define love direcctly but defines it more symbolically and abstractly.

In commemoration of publication of Ku Hye Sun’s novel, Peach Tree, a meeting with the author event was held in Accompany Cafe of Seoul’s YiHwa-dong. 20 people met with the author on Nov. 27th. Due to limited seating, many applicants had to be turned down. 132 applied through YES24, 68 through INTERPARK, 16 through Internet KyoBo Books, 18 through Aladin. Basically, there was 1 in 10 chance in becoming a participant for the event.

Peach Tree is her second novel. Her movie under the same title also recently came out. It is a story about Siamese twins who has one body and two faces. Fearing the outside world’s prejudice, the twins’ father raised the sons in seclusion for 30 years. Sanghyun complied with the condition while Donghyun hoped for contact with the world and aspired to become a novelist. Father determines to help Donghyun and asks SeungAh’s help with illustration. In the movie, Jo Seung Woo acted as SangHyun, Ryu Deok Hwan as DongHyun and Nam Sang Mi as SeungAh.

Her movie received much attention because she wrote the scenario and directed the movie and because of the famous stars appearing in her movie. However, it did not become a box office hit. According Korean Film Council on Nov.28th, Peach Tree was watched by total of 33,884 people. It is a disappointing figure.

If we examine, Ku Hye Sun as a director, composer and writer did not succeed in a big way so far. Neverthless, Ku Hye Sun never ceased to create from multi-directcion. Where does her drive to create come from? At this event, not only the book but many different themes were discussed. This tea-time event was carried out in this style: readers wrote out their questions (on stickies) and the mc Lee EunMi read them out loud and Ku Hye Sun answered them.

I wrote Peach Tree in 2 weeks

As this event celebrated the publication of the novel, talk about the novel appeared first. It is Ku Hye Sun’s creativity that created Siamese twins with one body and two faces. Such an instance is hard to find in real life. Even if it many exist, they cannot live long. Ku Hye Sun says that she came up with the concept in her dream.

Then, Ku Hye Sun revealed her habit of creativity. It takes her a long time to conceive her project/work. However, once she starts to write, she tends not to stop until it is completed. Peach Tree was finished in 2 weeks. Sitting at her desk, the kind of concentration she can exert seems unique but can also cause problems. It affected her health. Recently she went to an emergency room. The x-ray showed that her waist is not straight (curved, bent, etc.). It is all due to working too long and hard at her desk. 

Ku-onardo DaVinci, her next challenge is marriage

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Happy Birthday to #LeeMinHo (22/06/2011)

Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho!!!

Cre SBS_CityHunter & SBS_PD

Cre StarhausM

[Video] 110517 City Hunter Press Conference

credit TV Daily

Credit SSTV



[Photo]110517 City Hunter Press Conference

Credit nate & as tagged

[Event]Lee Min Ho – Hyundai “Veloster” Opening Show Information


이민호씨에 대한 변함없는 사랑과 응원에 감사 드립니다.
Thank you for your continuous love and support for Lee Min Ho.

이민호씨가 현대자동차의 신차 “벨로스터”의 오프닝 쇼에 참석 합니다.
Lee Min Ho will be attending Hyundai “Veloster” Opening Show.
이번 이벤트는 아래 사이트를 통하여 참가신청이 가능합니다.
You can attend this event by going to their [Hyundai’s] website.
자세한 내용 은 아래 내용을 참고 해 주세요.
For more details, please read below.


현대자동차 ‘벨로스터’ 오프닝 쇼
Hyundai “Veloster” Opening Show

# 이민호씨는 특별 게스트로 일부 출연 합니다.
#Lee Min Ho will be the special guest.

– 일시: 2011년 3월 10일 pm: 7:00 ~
– When: March 10, 2011 at 7:00pm
– 장소: 잠실 종합 운동장 특설무대
– Place: Jamshil Jonghap Stadium Special Stage
– 오프닝 쇼 참가신청하기: 2011년 2월 22일(화) ~ 3월 6일(일)
– Date of Admission to Attend the Show: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 ~ Sunday, March 6, 2011

– 참가 신청 자세한 내용 보기:
클릭 >>…=550&nCurPage=1
– For more detailed information:
Click >>…=550&nCurPage=1

* 이민호씨는 3월 10일 오프닝쇼에 참가합니다. 참가신청 시 날짜를 확인 해 주세요.
* Lee Min Ho will be attending the opening show on March 10th. Please check the date for registration.

Thank you.

Original Source:
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

[Event]Lee Min Ho – Trugen Fan Signing Event on March 4th in Sokcho

스타우스 엔터테인먼트 EVENT 담당자 입니다.
This is Starhaus Entertainment’s event coordinator.
이민호씨에 대한 변함없는 사랑과 응원에 감사 드립니다.
Thank you for your continuous love and support to Lee Min Ho.
사인회 소식입니다.
Here’s the information about the fan signing event.
오랜만에 여러분과 만나게 되는 반가운 자리가 될 것 같습니다. ^^
We are looking forward to seeing everyone since it’s been a while. ^^


* Date: March 4, 2011 Friday (4:00PM)
* Place: Trugen Store Location // Trugen’s Official Website
* How to Attend: We are still planning the event, so we will announce the details once the planning is complete.


Thank you.
(*사정에 따라 시간이 변경될 수 있음을 알립니다)
(*Please be aware that the time might change depending on the circumstances)
Original Source:
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

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