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[News] Ku Hye Sun appears like the warm spring sun on “Angel Eyes”

- Transforms into a passionate firefighter! She will do anything for acting

Actor KU HYE SUN appeared on TV like the warm sunrays of spring through the 3rd episode of SBS’s weekend special drama “Angel Eyes” (Script by Yoon Ji Ryun, Directed by Park Shin Woo).

In the episode aired on April 12 (Sat), the character Yoon Soo Wan grew up to be a passionate firefighter who would do anything to accomplish the job. The vivacious Soo Wan gets the nickname “Yoon Ttol” from her colleagues, which indicates her just and responsible character.

In the previous episodes 1 and 2, Soo Wan gets her sight back, which she had lost from an accident, through a transplant from Park Dong Joo’s (played by Lee Sang Yoon) mother who dies from a hit-and-run accident. But Dong Joo happens to leave for the U.S. because of his mother’s death and his sister’s surgery, and more than 10 years passes between Soo Wan who can now see and Dong Joo who is no longer beside her. Dong Joo eventually returns to Korea as a successful doctor, but Soo Wan, who has never seen his face, fails to recognize him.

KU HYE SUN plays the adult Yoon Soo Wan. Transformed perfectly into a firefighter, her beauty creates an illusion of her being in a commercial when she washes the ambulance under the blue sky.

But on the other hand, she devours pizza in front of mischievous boys who made a prank call to the fire department, while pouring a can of beer on a man and kicking him for making a sexual comment, “I like women in uniform.” Her strong character is indeed eye-catching.

In the episode, KU HYE SUN absolutely fused with the character Yoon Soo Wan, perfectly acting out the short-tempered character although the personality conflicted KU’s beautiful appearance.

At the end of the episode, Dong Joo, who became the chief of the E.R. at Soo Wan’s father Yoon Jae Bum’s (played by Jung Jin Young) hospital, saves Soo Wan from a patient who tries to stab her in the throat. But as Kang Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Suk), a neurosurgeon, appears in the picture, a love triangle is expected to become part of the story.

 “Angel Eyes” is aired every Saturday and Sunday night at 9:55 pm.


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