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스물. 구혜선. (twenty. Ku Hye Sun)

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[Fancam] 150226 Lee Min Ho @ Samsonite RED “RED Say With 이민호”

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[News & Photo] ‘Blood’ Ahn Jaehyun-Gu Hyesun Couple get-together still cut

Ahn Jaehyun and Gu Hyesun show cheerful scene of get-together.

Still cut of KBS 2TV drama ‘Blood‘ is released. In the photo, Ahn Jaehyun and Gu Hyesun sit side by side in feverish Karaoke for get-together. But two’s conflicting attitude raise a laugh. Gu Hyesun fully enjoys the party and deserves to be a Party Queen by drinking beer with happy smile and joining games actively. But Ahn Jaehyun keeps drinking water and is reluctant to participate game with stiff look. It draws attention how the two would change in the end of the gathering.

This scene was shoot on February 13th in Karaoke, Jeju. Actors and staffs fill up the energy, leaving the drama set and enjoying the fresh air in Jeju. Furthermore, get-together scene was like real drinking party so laughter flows during shooting.

Production IOK said, “In the 6th episode, Jisang and Lita visit Jeju Island where the two had fateful first meeting. Whether they could remember past memories… we ask for love for Ahn-Gu couple who continue their relation out of hospital.”

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날 추운데 감기조심하세요 (It’s cold today. Be careful not to catch a cold)

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[News] Lee Min Ho to Return This Year with a New Drama

Lee Min Ho‘s return to the small screen is likely to take place sometime this year, according to the actor himself!

As the model for accessory brand Samsonite Red, Lee Min Ho made an appearance at the brand’s talk concert entitled “RED Say with Lee Min Ho” on February 26.

During the event, he was asked about his comeback, and if he is planning to return with another movie. Lee Min Ho replied, “I want to act in a film, but haven’t found one that immediately felt like ‘the one.’ But I still want to do movies.”

He continued, “But instead of [a movie], it’s more likely that I’ll make my comeback with a drama in the latter half of the year. This year, I hope to help restore your energy levels with a good drama.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s latest film, “Gangnam Blues,” was the first Korean movie to surpass two million viewers in 2015, and will premiere in the Philippines on March 4.

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