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Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 25/05/2015

여름 2015. (Summer 2015)

updated on 25  May 2015 17:38 (KST)

[News] Lee Min Ho talks in depth about why he donated to Nepal under his fan club’s name

On May 22, Lee Min Ho took part in the ‘2015 Family Festival‘ to commemorate the 35th year of Lotte Duty Free Shop.  On this day, he addressed fans, bringing up his generous recent donation to Nepal to aid them in recovering from the earthquakes.

He said, “My fans have done good work for many years.  I was stimulated from seeing that and thought I would have to change first.  And as much as I feel happiness with a lot of people, I thought it would be good if we could divide up that work, so I started to bit by bit do good work.  Among that, one was donating to Nepal.  I hope that these things would be good opportunities to share happiness with even more people.

“There is no emptiness in my heart in giving as much love as I’ve received, and I came to realize that I could feel more sincere happiness by sharing that love.  I hope that the society would become one that shares love with even more people and that within this [society], happiness could be felt.”

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Lee Min Ho updated on SNS on 15/05/2015

#더워 #5월 #제주 (#Hot #May #Jeju)

updated on 15 May 2015 14:09 & 14:11 (KST)

[News] Lee Min-ho shows off witty sides in behind-the-scenes photos of Eider TV commercial

Actor Lee Min-ho‘s behind-the-scene photos from his Eider commercial filming set have been revealed.

The French outdoor brand Eider ( has revealed the third commercial, ‘ICE-T’ of their 2015 Spring and Summer season TV commercial series as well as the BTS photos from the filming set.

The TV commercial of Eider’s 2015 S/S season was created to showcase the three dimensional cooling material of their product vividly.

Lee Min-ho freezes as soon as he puts on the ICE-T shirts momentarily and then he starts moving again as seen in the commercial. Through the so called Ice & Freeze game, it explains how the cooling material will work, while the commercial delivers such entertainment to the viewers.

In the Eider’s TV commercial this time, Lee Min-ho, dressed up in the shirt and the shorts made with the cooling material, runs up the hill and enjoys the cool breeze from the ocean.

Eiders also revealed the BTS photos from the filming set. While he shows off his manly side sprinting up the hill, he also looks cute and stylish in the scene where he is taking a break and enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean.

Lee Min-ho‘s Eider TV commercial full of his fun and mischievous sides can be watched on groundwave TV channels and cable TV channels.

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Ku Hye Sun updated on Twitter on 14/05/2015

숨2<뉴에이지 피아노 작곡 앨범> Mv편집중.

(Breath2 <New Age piano composition album> MV editing)

 뮤비 편집중. 2015.  (MV editing. 2015.)
구혜선 <숨2> 뉴에이지 앨범 mv작업. 편집중. (Ku Hye Sun <Breath2> new age album MV editing)
뉴에이지 앨범 <숨2>뮤비 편집 작업중. (new age album <Breath2> MV editing)
updated on 14 May 2015 06:15 – 06:20 (KST)

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