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[News] Lee Min Ho to release special album ‘The Day’ in Korea and China at the same time


Actor Lee Min Ho will soon release his special album for fans titled ‘The Day,’ which will be released in both Korea and China at the same time.

During Lee Min Ho’s birthday in July of this year, Lee Min Ho released the song ‘Thank you’ to show his gratitude to fans for their continuous support and love. Thus, this new album will be his first new release in four months.

Since May 2013, Lee Min Ho has been regularly releasing music like ‘My Everything,’ ‘Song For You,’ and ‘Thank You,’ as he hopes to express his gratitude to fans.

The first song ‘Gift’ that’s included in his new album, expresses the thoughts of Lee Min Ho who finds his fans precious and treasures them. With his clear vocals accompanied by the guitar sounds, the song will definitely move the earbuds of fans. The second song ‘Just like that moment’ will describe the feelings of thinking about the past, and hopes that the earnest heart from then will forever stay that way.

The album will be akin to Lee Min Ho singing to fans, and will also provide a form of healing to others. ‘The Day’ will come in a box version, and allow fans to buy it as a collectible.

‘The Day’ will go on sale on November 25th in both Korea and China. It will be available in Japan on November 30th, and simultaneously around the world from December 4th.

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[News]Tickets for Lee Min Ho’s talk concert completely sold out


Tickets for Lee Min Ho’s talk concert were sold out.

Actor Lee Min Ho is going to hold a talk concert in Seoul on January 16th, 2016 under the title of ‘MINOZ WORLD,’ and 3,000 tickets were completely sold out a minute after they were opened on November 23rd.

Many people are showing largely surprised reactions, because the tickets were opened for official fan club members only.

Fans who failed to purchase the tickets strongly requested opening extra tickets, and Lee Min Ho decided to open more tickets to accommodate as many fans as possible.

A representative of Lee Min Ho’s management agency said, “We were going to accommodate 3,000 fans only, but we decided to open more tickets by fans’ strong requests.”

Lee Min Ho has held annual world tour and fan meetings for several years, and he is getting prepared for the upcoming talk concert with huge passion. It is said that he is thoroughly directing the concert preparation himself even though he is still going through hectic schedules,

During the concert, Lee Min Ho will talk about many different stories that happened in his career, and also present special performances. Lee Min Ho is holding the concert as a loving return to his fans, and he will have the most intimate communication that he has ever had with his fans.

Lee Min Ho had presented a great number of high-quality performances during his previous world tours and fan meetings.

Many people are showing hot reactions for Lee Min Ho’s unchanging sincerity and attitude for his fans, and he is now being talked about as one of the most representative role models for many Korean celebrities.

Last year, Lee Min Ho had released his first official music album, and the setlist will be mostly composed of songs that were included in the album, such as ‘My Everything,’ ‘Song For You,’ ‘Paradise In Love,’ ‘Stalker,’ ‘Burning Up,’ and ‘Travel.’

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is shooting a new film titled ‘Bounty Hunters’ these days.


[News] Ku Hye Sun Confirmed to Star Alongside Chinese Top Stars in “The Legendary Tycoon”

Actress Ku Hye Sun has been cast as the female lead in upcoming Chinese drama entitled “The Legendary Tycoon.”

The rumors regarding her casting have been swirling since September, but the final confirmation came on November 6 when she departed for Hengdian, China to participate in a filming for the drama. Apart from a short visit to Korea on November 21 for her solo concert, she will spend the next three months in China filming with the local crew.

“The Legendary Tycoon” has received a lot of media attention for its ambitious storyline based on the life of Hong Kong-born entertainment legend Run Run Shaw. The film industry pioneer will be played by Chinese acting star Zhang Han, and Ku Hye Sun will reportedly play his wife.

The production company Huace Media shared that they worked together with Ku Hye Sun on the Taiwanese drama “Absolute Boyfriend” back in 2013, and have ever since been impressed by her professionalism and ability to overcome any difficulties caused by the language barrier, which motivated them to cast her for “The Legendary Tycoon.” Read More…

[News] Lee Min-ho auctions off outfits for charity

Actor Lee Min-ho auctioned off his outfits and raised around $15,000 in proceeds at a charity event in China, according to a Chinese media outlet.The media reported the actor attended LG Electronics’ launch event held at Guangzhou’s Shangri-La Hotel on Oct.28 and put his clothes — a suit, a muffler and shoes — up for auction at a sideline event.

He raked in close to $15,000 at the auction and the proceeds were delivered to a high school located in Qinhuangdao, a port city in China, to support students having financial difficulties.

The 28-year-old actor, who is recently gaining a strong fan base in China, has landed a leading role in the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie “Bounty Hunters,” slated for the release in 2016.

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[News] Lee Min Ho to hold Talk Concert on 16 Jan 2016


Thank you all those who have believed in and supported ‘Lee Minho’.
It will be opened a concert that you talk with Lee Minho, who have shared joins with him. The concert that remember his twenty and talk with him, will hold on 16 January, 2016.

This concert is the talk concert have communication with you and Lee Minho.
And the concert is arranged for thinking the passed time with him. We can talk with him through it.

We will wait the day(16 January, 2016) that you meet in Seoul.

You can see the detail in Minozworld official Facebook page that will be update later too.


[News] Lee Min-ho’s chocolate ad gets 1.5m views

Hallyu actor Lee Min-ho’s advertisement for Ferrero Rocher chocolate was viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube and Facebook combined within five days of its Oct. 16 release.

The commercial shows Lee transported from Seoul to Rome upon purchasing a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Lee drives a “Roman Holiday”-like scooter across the Mediterranean city’s picturesque sunset to join a friendly party with the sweets.

The chocolate brand is soon to unveil a behind-the-scenes video of Lee during the filming of the clip.

Source: kpopherald

[News] Ku Hye Sun is to Hold a Concert!

– Thanks to the popularity of Ku Hye Sin’s new age album, she will be holding a concert at Hyundai Card Understage.

– The tickets to the concert will be sold on Interpark starting from October 23.

KU HYE SUN is having her very own concert.

Thanks to the popularity of her new age album “BREATH” and “BREATH 2”, Ku Hye Sun will be holding a concert titled “SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING” at Hyundai Card Understage in Itaewon, Seoul at 6 PM on November 21.

She released her album “BREATH” in September 2009 and “BREATH 2- After 10 Years 100 Years” in June this year. The title track of the album “After 10 Years 100 Years” is a reinterpretation of the sound track of “Peach Tree”, a movie directed by Ku Hye Sun. The title track is a piano piece written by Ku Hye Sun and arranged by Choi In Young. When the album was released, its title track became No.1 on Melon’s new age music charts and No.3 on the Top 100 charts.

Also, the self-written track “RAIN” of her first album “BREATH” topped China’s QQ Music Charts for four consecutive days in April this year although six years have passed since the album was released. The album “BREATH” is the soundtrack for “MAGIC”, which is the first movie that Ku Hye Sun directed. Singer GUMMI and Isao Sasaki, a leading Japanese new age musician, participated in the soundtrack.  

Ku Hye Sun proved that she has musical talent by releasing seven digital singles and two albums. She released the album ”BREATH” in 2009 and her next album “BREATH2- After 10 Years 100 Years”  in June 2015. Her digital single “BROWN HAIR” was released in June 2010, “MARRY ME” in October 2012, “AMNESIA” in May 2013, “IT’S YOU” in July 2013, “HAPPY” in November 2013, “FLORAL RAIN” in October 2014, and “MUST” in November 2014. 

The concert on November 21 is a collaborative work by Ku Hye Sun and Understage. She will share her experience as a musician, painter, and a novelist. Fans will be able to see the “SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING” of Ku Hye Sun and how she became the artist that she is right now. 

The ticket sale for Ku Hye Sun’s “SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING” concert begins on November 23.

Source: ygfamily

Photo source: interpark

[News] Lee Min Ho chosen as the most popular Korean among Arabs

For the 40th anniversary of the first Arabic broadcast in Korea, international station ‘KBS World Radio‘ conducted a survey titled ‘Arabs Perception of Korea,’ where they surveyed 3,000 Arabs from 22 Arabic nations about K-culture, K-celebs, and their thoughts on life in Korea. 
In the said survey, under the category of ‘The first person who comes to mind when you think Korean,’ actor Lee Min Ho came out on top, taking 14.8% of the votes. In second place was Super Junior with 10.8%, third place was EXO with 9%, fourth was Park Shin Hye with 5.1%. The finals spots were occupied in a tie between United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki Moon and South Korean president Park Geun Hye, with 2.6% of the respective votes each. 

On these results, pop culture critic Kim Yoon Ha said, “There is a strong belief that Lee Min Ho is a gentleman who doesn’t ride the popularity wave and the strength of his drama characters serves as an unconditional basis to his wide appeal.

In addition, 95% of the surveyed stated that their image of Korea improved thanks to Hallyu or Korean Culture Contents.

Cre: Allkpop

[News] Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk, China’s Hallyu Stars of the Year

Actor Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk were chosen as China’s Hallyu Stars of the Year.

They made their speeches via video at the 2015 ROK Brand of the Year Awards on the 6th.

Lee Min-ho said, “I am so happy to have been chosen for this year’s brand award. It means a lot as I was chosen by the consumers themselves and I take this as love and support for me to further progress in the future”.

Lee Jong-suk said, “I am happy to be chosen. As a representing face of Korean brands, I promise to do better in the future”.

The 2015 ROK Brand of the Year Awards started in 2003, discovering brands that have been most popular in Korea. Consumers vote personally and choose the grand prizes.

This year, a new category called, ‘Brand of the Year’ voted by Chinese consumers, was created.

From the 10th of August to the 18th, online and mobile votes were carried out in China to choose the Brand of the Year. The results showed Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Lee Min-ho, Super Junior, EXO, Big Bang, Lee Gwang-soo, Yoo Jae-seok, Girls’ Generation, Lee Jong-suk and CNBlue.

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[News] Lee Min-ho in Italy to shoot commercial for Ferrero Rocher

Italian premium chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher has chosen hallyu star Lee Min-ho as their new endorser and has started shooting a commercial in Rome, Italy.

Lee Min-ho, who is super popular in Korea as well as in Chinese community and other Asian countries, will participate in various marketing events starting this October and during the seasons of Christmas and Valentine’s Day as an endorser for the global premium chocolate brand, Ferrero Rocher.

This commercial is his first activity in the collaborative marketing efforts and is filmed in Rome to deliver the Italian ambience vividly under the concept ‘Italian Flair’. The famous landmarks in Rome will be included in the commercial to add a sense of familiarity.

It is said that Lee Min-ho perfectly showcased the ‘Italian Flair’ while he showed off his professional and classy style.

Luigi Mirri, category director of Ferrero Rocher said, “The premium images of the global chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher and global star Lee Min-ho match perfectly. His signature gentle facial expressions and professional demeanor integrated the ‘Italian Flair’ naturally into the commercial” and “The fact we chose the outstandingly talented hallyu star Lee Min-do proves that Ferrero has continuous interest in Korean market”.

The teaser preview starring Lee Min-ho will be released in October first. The main TV commercial, making film and Lee Min-ho‘s interview will be released one by one at a later time.

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