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[News] Lee Min Ho to Return This Year with a New Drama

Lee Min Ho‘s return to the small screen is likely to take place sometime this year, according to the actor himself!

As the model for accessory brand Samsonite Red, Lee Min Ho made an appearance at the brand’s talk concert entitled “RED Say with Lee Min Ho” on February 26.

During the event, he was asked about his comeback, and if he is planning to return with another movie. Lee Min Ho replied, “I want to act in a film, but haven’t found one that immediately felt like ‘the one.’ But I still want to do movies.”

He continued, “But instead of [a movie], it’s more likely that I’ll make my comeback with a drama in the latter half of the year. This year, I hope to help restore your energy levels with a good drama.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s latest film, “Gangnam Blues,” was the first Korean movie to surpass two million viewers in 2015, and will premiere in the Philippines on March 4.

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[News] ‘Blood’ Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun found in woods! What Gives?

‘Blood’ Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun were found in the woods.

In KBS’s Monday-Tuesday television series ‘Blood’, Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun are playing the roles of Park Ji-sang and Yoo Rita respectively, doctors at Tae-min cancer hospital, who had met in the past by destiny but failed to recognize each other after their reunion.

There has been a slight change; while the couple had clashed with each other on everything from the first episode, they have shown progress as they were found opening their hearts and showing friendly attitudes.

The still of Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun in the woods are catching the eye of people. They are still keeping a distance, but meanwhile showed some interest in each other.

Moreover, the couple has presented a good chemistry together as fashionistas, with Ahn Jae-hyun wearing a suit and Goo Hye-sun, who let down her long hair, also in a long cardigan, not the gowns they used to wear at work.

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[News] Cast Members of “Blood” Are Full of Laughter in Latest Stills

KBS‘ latest Monday-Tuesday evening drama “Blood” has released more behind-the-scenes stills of its cast.

In the latest photos, the cast, including Ahn Jae Hyun, Goo Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee, and Son Soo Hyun, are full of smiles as they take part in the filming of the currently-airing drama.

The production company behind the drama, IOK Media, has told the press that despite the heavy subject matter of the drama, the cast continues to have fun filming, often making jokes to each other. “The relationship between the actors and the production team is really great. The great atmosphere on set has already become well-known in the industry.”

“Blood” premiered on February 16. It is a “fantasy medical drama,” in which a vampire doctor struggles between his wish to help people and his desire for blood.

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[News] Goo Hye Sun Talks About Her Pet Addiction on “Happy Together”

Actress Goo Hye Sun has discussed her passion for raising pets.

On the February 12 “Martian Special” of KBS 2TV program “Happy Together,” the actress revealed that she is  a “pet addict,” having a total of ten cats and dogs. “I have eight dogs and two cats at home,” she revealed to the shock of the other members. “I don’t raise all of them, though. Of the ten, six are my responsibility. They each have their own rooms and eat their food separately.”

Surprised by Goo Hye Sun’s revelation, the MCs responded, “You must need a big house to have that many pets. Do you live in a stand-alone house? It must be around 200 pyung (7,000 square meters).” Slightly embarrassed, the actress admitted that while her house was quite large, the area that she lived in was small.

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[News] ‘Blood’ Goo Hye Sun makes a 180 degree change from student Geum Jan-di to specialist

The production briefing for KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday series ‘Blood’ was held on February 11 at Sungmo Hospital in Banpo dong, Seochogu, Seoul. The cast Ahn Jae-hyun, Ji Jin-hee, Goo Hye-sun, Son Soo-hyun, Jin-kyung, Jo Jae-yoon, Jung Hae-in, Jung Hye-sung, co producers Ki Min-su and Lee Jae-hoon, and the production crew gathered at the scene.

‘Blood’ is a drama that will portray a vampire doctor’s story of success and challenges, as he fights for dignity and justice of life while he saves lives of terminally ill patients in a cancer hospital.

Goo Hye-sun was cast to play the role of Yoo Rita, a specialist of liver and biliary-pancreatic surgery department. “She is an heiress, who is an arrogant person. However, she is seeking for her true love,” Goo introduced her character.

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[News] Lee Min Ho from ‘Gangnam 1970′ is TNGT’s model this year

Actor Lee Min-ho, who is riding on the wave of the box-office success of “Gangnam 1970,” was revealed on Thursday as Korean menswear brand TNGT’s model for this spring-summer season.

In the campaign titled “Lee Min-ho’s Real City Life,” the 27-year-old showcases the “total lifestyle” fashion brand’s smart casual look, targeted at 20-something students and young male professionals.

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[News] Actress Goo Hye Sun reveals her experience dating a celebrity

Actress Goo Hye Sun revealed that she’s previously dated a celebrity during filming for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together‘.

The episode featured stars who have obsessions, and Goo Hye Sun captured attention with talk about a former boyfriend. She said, “I’ve gone on a secret date with a male celebrity before. I’m the type to go all in on a guy, so it didn’t matter to me whether it went public. However, I got the impression that he wanted to keep a low profile.”

Goo Hye Sun went on, “So I wondered if he liked me less than I thought. It made me think that he thought his career was more important. I think people usually break up in cases like this.”

Stay tuned for the full story on the February 12th episode at 11:10PM KST!

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[News] Lee Min Ho Talks About His Favorite Song + Fans from Different Countries

Actor Lee Min Ho recently took part in an interview for fashion magazine The Star, and discussed various topics, from his global tour, to his favorite song, as well as the differences amongst fans from all over the world.

When asked to share his thoughts on wrapping up his global tour, the actor expressed, “The global tour is a project I’ve continued to do. I sang a total of 12 songs on stage [for the tour]. If it was me in the past, that’s something I could never have imagined doing. Going on stage and being together with fans is a happy memory.” He also chose “Song for You (I’ll Sing)” from his latest album as the most memorable song, as it is a song just for his fans.

In response to the question of his favorite song to sing when he’s not on stage, Lee Min Ho shared, “’That I Once Lived by Your Side’ [by Toy (Kim Yeon Woo)]. The lyrics are relatable and it’s a song that I’ve liked since a long time ago.”

The interviewer also asked if there are differences amongst his fans from countries all over the world: “When I went overseas for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in 2009, I felt each country’s distinct character. Now, I don’t feel a big difference. Now, I think I’m able to experience a special feeling when I see the fans’ expressions or eyes, which goes beyond language. I feel an overwhelming sense of emotion whenever that happens.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho successfully wrapped up his global tour “RE:MINHO” last month.

Photo Source: The Star

Credit: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho to hold his first fan meeting and concert in Hong Kong in March!

Actor Lee Min Ho will be launching his ‘LEE MIN HO LIVE IN HONG KONG 2015‘ concert on March 21, exciting international fans with the news of his first ever concert in the city.

Despite the numerous fan meetings and concerts he’s held in the past, the actor never made a visit to Hong Kong. The producer of the concert stated, “Due to consistent request, he will be holding his first concert in Hong Kong.” 

A rep from G Music also said, “Lee Min Ho has impacted not just fans in Asia, but fans from all around the world and has an outstanding ability to engage with the fans onscreen and onstage. We are going to work hard to make this a meaningful concert.” 

Pre-sale tickets for the fan meeting will be available on, and in order to purchase, fans are asked to sign in as a member as well. 

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[News] Lee Min Ho’s ‘Gangnam 1970’ to hit Chinese screens in March

All eyes are on China as the release date nears for the hit Korean movie “Gangnam 1970.”

The movie is set to hit the Chinese screens in March

Aided by Lee and Kim’s popularity, the movie is expected to hit 2 million ticket sales, according to box office tally from the Korean Film Council released on Feb. 4.

According to the tally, the film added 45,000 ticket sales on Feb. 3, bringing the total to about 1.9 million since its release on Jan. 21.

“Gangnam” sold 1 million tickets faster than any other Korean R-rated film. The film passed the 1 million ticket mark on Jan. 26, just five days since its release.

Moviegoers are keenly watching whether it will become the most-watched R-rated film in Korea.

The current record holder is “Tazza: The High Card,” a 2014 Korean film directed by Korean director Kang Hyeong-cheol.

The movie, directed by Yoo Ha, follows the lives of two friends who turn to crime to escape poverty as Seoul’s now-affluent southern areas undergo rapid development in the 1970s.

Buoyed by the two leads’ popularity, a number of export deals were signed before the movie was released.

Following China, the movie will be released across Asia in stages, and will also be released in selected theaters in North America.

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