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[News] Ku Hye Sun Talks about the Finale of “Blood”, “I Thank All the People who Helped Me to Handle Acting of a Whole New and Special Character”

– Unveiling behind-cuts taken in Romania! Eye-catching visual like a piece of masterpiece painting
Actress KU HYE SUN talked about her feelings for the finale of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama series “Blood” (written by Park Jae-beom, directed by Ki Min-soo and Lee Jae-hoon).
KU said, “I felt sorry for the staff and other actors and actresses, for the criticism on my acting of the whole new and special character. I would like to deeply thank all the staff, directors, senior and junior actors, who have always been so kind and nice to me despite such a situation. I would also thank the viewers of ‘Blood'”. 
In “Blood” ended in the 20th episode aired  on April 21 (Tue.), KU acted as “Yoo Rita”, a Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgeon who has a perfect look, intelligence, and wealth. The character of “Yoo Rita” was totally different from the other innocent characters KU has acted so far, being arrogant and proud on the surface but having a deep sorrows in the heart.
Notably, KU visited Romania, the birthplace of vampires, to better express her character in “Blood” that interpreted the supernatural power and existence of vampires as the result of virus infection. KU’s behind cuts taken in Romania were unveiled in the last episode of the drama series, catching the eyes of the viewers.
The behind cuts show “Rita” visiting Romania alone to keep her promise with “Ji-sang” (acted by Ahn Jae-hyun) after his death. KU in a black hat and and coat looks much more matured than before, after her experience of the pain of love. She is walking around places in Romania in the photos, boasting a perfect beauty that goes so well with the beautiful sceneries in the city.
Meanwhile, the last episode of “Blood” ended with an unexpected twist, as “Ji-sang” showed up in front of “Rita” who visits Romania one year after his death. The team of “Blood”, the first-ever vampire drama and fantasy medical drama made by a Korean nationwide broadcast network, has achieved a successful finale boasting a deep teamwork.twist, as “Ji-sang” showed up in front of “Rita” who visits Romania one year after his death. The team of “Blood”, the first-ever vampire drama and fantasy medical drama made by a Korean nationwide broadcast network, has achieved a successful finale boasting a deep teamwork.
Photos courtesy of IOK Media

[News] Ku Hye Sun shares her thoughts after wrapping up “Blood”

On April 22, actress Ku Hye Sun, through her management agency YG Ent., shared her thoughts on the drama “Blood”.

Ku Hye Sun said, “regarding the criticisms on the way in portraying the character/ role, I feel apologetic towards the crew and casts of the drama. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude towards the warmth and care from the crew, director, senior & junior actors; and thanks all the viewers for loving ‘Blood’.”

– omit the part about the background of this drama –


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[News] Lee Min Ho renews endorsement deal with LG Electronics

It has been reported that actor Lee Min Ho has renewed his contract with LG Electronics to be their 2015 model in Mainland China, and he has also signed a deal to model for the company in Taiwan and Hong Kong in an unprecedented move at the same time.

A LG Electronics official stated, “Lee Min Ho’s popularity in the Chinese-speaking regions is beyond imagination, and his presence can’t be replaced. There’s really no one else other than him who’s more suitable to be our model. We place great importance in cultivating trust in our consumers, and also building a caring corporate image. We feel that Lee Min Ho has become a actor that you can trust in with his performance in his most recent movie ‘Gangnam 1970,’ and the immense love he shows towards his fans, and it complements our company’s image greatly.”

An industry official said, “As one of the world’s top enterprise, LG’s brand image and actor Lee Min Ho’s star power will become a partnership that will yield great results for both parties. We are looking forward to seeing the brand grow even further this year.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s followers on Weibo recently surpassed 27 million, and he has more than 50 million followers worldwide, thus his influence is definitely one to be marveled at. He recently gathered 12,000 fans for his Hong Kong concert, and among the audience members included famous local directors, actors, hosts, and many more.

By: Alvin


[News] Lee Min Ho Receives Call from Zhang Ziyi About Role in Upcoming Film

It has been revealed that actor Lee Min Ho received a personal call from Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi about a role in the upcoming film “Eternal Doll” (working title).

The actor’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, recently commented on his current interest in the film, saying, “It’s true that Lee Min Ho received a call from Zhang Ziyi. He is continuing to monitor the project with interest. As it’s based on a Korean novel, he believes that there would be some significance in participating in the film.”

However, the agency representative also remained careful not to suggest the actor’s involvement in the project, saying, “The script has not even been released. We need a more concrete idea of the script and schedule before he can commit to anything.” They then added, “Lee Min Ho is considering a variety of dramas and movies for this year.”

“Eternal Doll” is a mystery-thriller based on the Korean novel of the same name, and will be set in Korea, China, and Japan.

Credit: soompi

[News] JYP and StarHaus confirm Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship

Soon after Dispatch broke the news that miss A member Suzy and actor Lee Minho were spotted on a date, both of their agencies have responded with confirmation.

On March 23rd, JYP Entertainment released a statement that stated, “Suzy and Lee Minho have been seeing each other with good feelings since a month ago. Suzy and Lee Minho headed to London and Paris respectively for a schedule and after traveled London together and had a very memorable time. Please look on them with fondness.”

Similarly, Lee Minho’s agency StarHaus Entertainment replied, “Hello this is Starhaus entertainment. We would like to respond to the reports from a media source today. The two have been seeing each other for around a month. They are in a careful stage where they are seeing each other with positive feelings. Please look on them with fondness.”

According to Dispatch, the couple just recently starting seeing each other in the past month.

Source: TV Report

Credit: koreaboo

[News] Lee Min Ho Gathers Over 12,000 Fans to Hong Kong Concert

Asia’s star Lee Min Ho has stolen the heart of Hong Kong.

On March 21, Lee Min Ho successfully launched Lee Min Ho Live in Hong Kong 2015 at the AsiaWorld Expo Arena in Hong Kong.

Over 12,000 fans gathered at Lee Min Ho’s Hong Kong concert, including a number of celebrities from Hong Kong, who later shared their experience through SNS posts.

Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen sent over a flower wreath with a message saying ‘Congratulations on your solo concert’ in Korean and congratulated the star once more through their SNS.

Anita Yuen is well known to be a fan of Lee Min Ho. Her husband Julian Cheung has previously revealed in public, “She was the head of my fan club for a long time, so I think she’d do a good job if she took charge of Lee Min Ho’s fan club.”

Numerous other celebrities, including Miss Hong Kong, famous producers and MCs, artists, broadcasting affiliates and more, also attended Lee Min Ho’s Hong Kong concert.

Lee Min Ho posted on his Weibo, ‘I thank everyone who came from all corners around of country for showing support for today’s concert. Have a beautiful night in Hong Kong.’

Meanwhile, Gangnam 1970 starring Lee Min Ho, was sold to 14 countries. It recently premiered in Hong Kong.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld

[News] miss A Suzy and Lee Min Ho revealed to be dating by Dispatch

Dispatch has released photos of what they allege is miss A‘s Suzy and top actor, Lee Min Ho, on a date while in London. The photos put the two stars in the same place, at the same time and are matched together by Dispatch’s investigative team. 

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[News] Lee Min Ho generates red-hot sales for Samsonite Red

Samsonite Red announced late last year that it chose Lee Min Ho as its brand’s new global model for 2015. Apparently the decision has worked out for Samsonite Red, but how well?

Samsonite Red’s January sales went up by 43% as compared to previous year, and the Voy backpack, featured by Lee Min Ho’s prominent ads, has sold out all 5,000 in the limited edition within a short time after its release. It’s set a new sales record, thanks to Lee Min Ho.

The brand prides itself on combining new ideas, fashion style, and functionality for today’s urban world. It’s designed to appeal to Asians in their 20s, 30s and 40s, with a wide selection of products at lower prices than the regular Samsonite brand. According to Nikkei Asian Review, many popular Samsonite Red items sell for around US$128.

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[News] Lee Min Ho unveils new spring campaign for Romansen watches

Global watchmaker Romansen on Wednesday unveiled its spring campaign featuring “Gangnam 1970″ actor Lee Min-ho.

In the campaign titled “His Secret Time” the 27-year-old star models the “urban classic” model Brillo TM4201MM.

Lee, who will hit international screens this month, has modeled for the Swiss company since September.

Noir crime blockbuster “Gangnam 1970″ — also marketed as “Gangnam Blues” — will reportedly release across Asia, North America and Australia this month.

By Yoon Sarah (

Source: kpopherald

[News & Photo] Lee Min Ho Spends Good Time with 300 Fans During Samsonite Red Talk Concert

Lee Min Ho spent a good with his fans during a talk concert.

The casual bag brand Samsonite Red launched Red Say with Lee Min Ho talk concert on February 26 at Dress Garden in Cheongdam-dong, celebrating the launch of its 2015 S/S season.

The talk concert was launched as a part of Samsonite Red’s brand campaign called ‘Red Say,’ with the goal of closely interacting with the consumers and showing support for the young generation in their 20s and 30s.

As the brand model, Lee Min Ho attended the photo wall session and interacted with 300 fans, as they shared their worries.

Photo credit: Medicom

Source: enewsworld

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