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[News] Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk, China’s Hallyu Stars of the Year

Actor Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk were chosen as China’s Hallyu Stars of the Year.

They made their speeches via video at the 2015 ROK Brand of the Year Awards on the 6th.

Lee Min-ho said, “I am so happy to have been chosen for this year’s brand award. It means a lot as I was chosen by the consumers themselves and I take this as love and support for me to further progress in the future”.

Lee Jong-suk said, “I am happy to be chosen. As a representing face of Korean brands, I promise to do better in the future”.

The 2015 ROK Brand of the Year Awards started in 2003, discovering brands that have been most popular in Korea. Consumers vote personally and choose the grand prizes.

This year, a new category called, ‘Brand of the Year’ voted by Chinese consumers, was created.

From the 10th of August to the 18th, online and mobile votes were carried out in China to choose the Brand of the Year. The results showed Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Lee Min-ho, Super Junior, EXO, Big Bang, Lee Gwang-soo, Yoo Jae-seok, Girls’ Generation, Lee Jong-suk and CNBlue.

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[News] Lee Min-ho in Italy to shoot commercial for Ferrero Rocher

Italian premium chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher has chosen hallyu star Lee Min-ho as their new endorser and has started shooting a commercial in Rome, Italy.

Lee Min-ho, who is super popular in Korea as well as in Chinese community and other Asian countries, will participate in various marketing events starting this October and during the seasons of Christmas and Valentine’s Day as an endorser for the global premium chocolate brand, Ferrero Rocher.

This commercial is his first activity in the collaborative marketing efforts and is filmed in Rome to deliver the Italian ambience vividly under the concept ‘Italian Flair’. The famous landmarks in Rome will be included in the commercial to add a sense of familiarity.

It is said that Lee Min-ho perfectly showcased the ‘Italian Flair’ while he showed off his professional and classy style.

Luigi Mirri, category director of Ferrero Rocher said, “The premium images of the global chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher and global star Lee Min-ho match perfectly. His signature gentle facial expressions and professional demeanor integrated the ‘Italian Flair’ naturally into the commercial” and “The fact we chose the outstandingly talented hallyu star Lee Min-do proves that Ferrero has continuous interest in Korean market”.

The teaser preview starring Lee Min-ho will be released in October first. The main TV commercial, making film and Lee Min-ho‘s interview will be released one by one at a later time.

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[News] Lee Min-ho’s ad on Korean tourism attracts over 20m viewers on YouTube

A promotional video on Korean tourism has attracted more than 20 million views on YouTube as of Tuesday. The ad features iconic hallyu star Lee Min-ho, who has garnered huge popularity across Asia after appearing in a number of hit dramas including “The Heirs” and “Boys over Flowers.”

The video captures various tourist attractions in Korea, including Busan’s Gamcheon village, Jeonju’s Hanok village and Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Lee also made a special appearance at various locations in Seoul, including Samcheong-dong and Seochon.

On Sept. 25, the 26-year-old actor has been also appointed an honorary ambassador for upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The appointment ceremony held at DDP in Seoul was also aired on Chinese broadcaster CCTV.

Lee is currently shooting “Bounty Hunters,” a multinational action film that features five bounty hunters who chase fugitives for money in Korea, China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

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[News] ALL HEADLINES All Headlines Actor Lee Min-ho named goodwill ambassador for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games

SEOUL, Sept. 25 (Yonhap) — South Korean actor Lee Min-ho was named Friday as a goodwill ambassador for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Lee is the first actor to take on the role for the first Winter Games in South Korea.

The local organizing committee said it appointed the 28-year-old hallyu star with three future Olympic Games to be held in Asia. After PyeongChang, Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics and Beijing will stage the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The award-winning actor has starred in such popular TV series as “Boys over Flowers,” “Personal Taste” and “The Heirs.”

“As a fan of skiing and surfing, I take great interest in Olympics,” Lee said. “I will try to promote the PyeongChang Winter Olympics the best I can.”

Among other goodwill ambassadors for PyeongChang are Kim Yu-na, former Olympic figure skating champion, Lee Seung-hoon, former Olympic speed skating gold medalist, Choo Shin-soo, outfielder for the Texas Rangers, and Lindsey Vonn, an American Olympic skiing champion.

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Lee Min Ho chosen as the honorary ambassador for the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’!

You might have heard that the ‘2018 Winter Olympics‘ are going to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and who better to represent Korea to the world than the incredibly popular Hallyu star Lee Min Ho!

Lee Min Ho has been chosen to be the official honorary ambassador for the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’!

The appointment ceremony took place at the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) today, and the Olympic committee stated, “As much as the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’, the ‘2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics’, and the ‘2022 Beijing Winter Olympics’ are being consecutively held in Asia, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has been entrusted to be the honorary ambassador.

Lee Min Ho stated, “I personally enjoy sports like skiing and surfing, so I have a lot of interest in the Olympics. From now on I will take the lead as the honorary ambassador for the ‘Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’.

This is going to be one heck of a Winter Olympics with the handsome Lee Min Ho doing his part to spread the word about the upcoming event!

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[News] Lee Min-ho, Suzy deny breakup

The hallyu power couple actor Lee Min-ho and singer-actress Suzy of Miss A on Tuesday denied reports that they are no longer together.

“We checked with the stars and they are still dating,” their management agencies said immediately after the reports.

Earlier on Tuesday, a local news outlet broke the news that the two recently parted ways, ending their six-month relationship. The reason given for the split was their busy schedule, said the daily, citing the acquaintances of the two.
In March, Lee, 27, and Suzy, 20, confirmed they are dating following a news report with photographs of them together in London.

Both of them are now busy with individual film projects. Lee is currently shooting multinational film “Bounty Hunters,” alongside Chinese actress Yang Mi, while Suzy is occupied with the upcoming local periodic flick “Dorihwaga,” which is set to premiere toward the end of this year.

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[News] Lee Min Ho Praised for His Kindhearted Actions Toward Fans

Lee Min Ho’s kindhearted concern and care for his fans have caught the attention of global fans and news sites.

On September 17, a Chinese news outlet stated, “Despite his cold-hearted character in his drama, Korean star Lee Min Ho is attentive and warm-hearted in reality.” The report discussed how the actor acted during a fan signing event on September 14.

The actor participated in a fan meeting at Youngdeungpo Times Square for a brand that he is a spokesmodel for.

According to the report, after the fan signing event ended, the actor did not leave immediately and stayed behind to greet a fan in a wheelchair. He walked over to her, gave her his autograph, and hugged her. Spectators were reportedly moved by his kind actions.

Lee Min Ho and fan

This fan signing event was only open for 100 lucky individuals. The fan in the wheelchair was not among the 100 fans. However, that did not stop Lee Min Ho from greeting his fan.

Netizens all over the world have been commenting on how kind and friendly the actor is toward his fans.

On another note, Lee Min Ho is currently filming his movie “Bounty Hunters.” The film utilizes parts of Korea, China, Malaysia, and Thailand as backdrops. The actor will be acting alongside Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (also known as Tang Yan) in this comedic action film about bounty hunters.

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[News] Lee Min Ho takes over the advertisement industry

Lee Min-ho is taking over the advertising industry.

Lee Min-ho has been modeling for the outdoor brand Eider for 5 years straight and this time he expands his territory.

Eider’s plan to target the 20s and 30s in 2011 was successful as it held hands with Lee Min-ho up to 5 years in a row. It’s been a while since Lee Min-ho was nicknamed the ‘sellout king’ as everything he puts on sells out immediately in stores. The reason for his long term with Eider is thanks to his reputation as an actor and manly appeal.

He’s also been in global contract with national cosmetic brand Innisfree for 6 years in a row. Cosmetic brands tend to hire trendy stars as their models and this proves that Lee Min-ho has been consistently influential.

His reputation has reached the international market as well. Like the global Hallyu star that has over 280 million followers in his Chinese SNS, Lee Min-ho is mighty influential in China as well. Last year, LG chose Lee Min-ho as their model and expanded that territory in April to other parts of China. LG Electronics claims the Lee Min-ho effect has benefited them and decided to re-sign with him.

Samsonite, a bag brand, also chose Lee Min-ho for its Red Line Global model. Profits have increased by 40% since he became their model. Kyochon Chicken also shook hands with Lee Min-ho last year and expanded his influence to China, South East Asia, Japan and America. China even published a big story about his re-signing with Kyochon while it had the chicken boom. The Philippines clothing brand BENCH is also working with Lee Min-ho for 4 years in a row and showing his global power.

National advertising agents say, “Lee Min-ho has been unshaken nationally and internationally for many years straight and his image is fusable with anything. His influence in China and healthy image gives trust to the public and his value is bound to go up further”.

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[News] Lee Young-ae, Lee Min-ho to hit drama awards red carpet

Actress Lee Young-ae and actor Lee Min-ho, two of Asia’s most popular stars from South Korea, will walk the red carpet of the international drama awards in Seoul later this week, organizers said Monday.

The red carpet event for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2015 is slated for Thursday evening at the DMC Square in western Seoul, the organizing committee said.

The two Lees are part of the event’s star-studded roster, which also includes actor Lee Joon-gi; actress Claudia Kim from “Avengers: Age of Ultron”; actor Yeo Jin-goo; and Seolhyun, the hottest girl group celebrity of the moment.

From outside South Korea, American actor Milo Ventimiglia from “Chosen S3”; Japanese actors Joe Odagiri and Ryunosuke Kamiki; Chinese actor Wallace Chung; and Taiwan’s Chen Bolin and Ariel Lin will be there.

Some highlights among the submissions are “Misaeng – Incomplete Life,” a local series about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of South Korean office politics; SBS’ “Pinocchio,” a comic study on South Korea’s journalism ethics; MBC’s medical drama “Kill Me, Heal Me”; season six of the U.S. hit show “Modern Family”; and Taiwanese romantic drama “The Way We Were.”

The main event starts after the red carpet, with actress Kim Jung-eun and actor Lee Dong-wook as hosts.

South Korean soprano extraordinaire Jo Su-mi, girl group Sistar and boy band B1A4 will stage performances to spice up the occasion.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the awards, which is co-organized by the Korean Broadcasters Association. 

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[News] ‘Bounty Hunters’ Lee Min Ho Has a Leading Lady

Tiffany Tang, or Tang Yan, has been cast as Lee Min Ho’s newest leading lady in his upcoming pan-Asian film ‘Bounty Hunters’.

‘Bounty Hunters’ is set to be a blockbuster-sized action flick with romps around Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more. It looks like it would be a mix of ‘The Thieves’ and Runaway: Plan B. Tiffany Tang will play a femme fatale, hard to approach and compared to Wonder Woman. Guess we can look forward to her tying up Lee Min Ho and putting him in his place…

Tiffany Tang is quite famous in China, having just finished shooting a drama with Rain called Diamond Lovers. She has starred in Chinese Paladin 3, which shot her to fame and also costarred Yang Mi (rumored to be part of ‘Bounty Hunters’) and Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo. And, she participated in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games’ closing ceremony; chosen specifically by Zhang Yimou, she represented China as the torch was passed from Athens to Beijing to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The film will also star Wallace Chung, a Hong Kong actor and Canto-pop singer, who will play Lee Min Ho’s partner-in-crime. Filming is set to begin on September 2, and it’s looking at a 2016 release date.

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[News] Lee Min-ho’s impact in the Philippines

Hallyu star Lee Min-ho has influenced the Philippines too.

The Filipino global clothing brand BENCH signed a deal with Lee Min-ho for the fourth year since 2012.

BENCH was founded in 1987 and has become one of the leading clothing brands in the Philippines. The brand is only known to deal with worldwide famous stars such as Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, David Archuleta, Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers and more. Lee Min-ho’s fourth year contract makes it the longest contract with BENCH ever.

As a model for BENCH, Lee Min-ho has contributed to a huge development in sales and has influenced a sell-out in almost everything he puts on. BENCH sources say that his aura and fashion sense topped off with his tall height has much to do with this result and even visited Korea on the 14th to do a chase about Lee Min-ho.

Lee Min-ho visited the Philippines in cooperation with BENCH last year and the fans gathered at the airport to see him, causing a huge congestion in traffic everywhere he went. Rumors say that there was even word about making his visits a national holiday. Not only is he big in the Philippines but in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries too.

Lee Min-ho’s dramas and films like “Boys over Flowers”, “Personal Taste”, “City Hunter”, “Faith”, “The Heirs” and even “Gangnam Blues” are being broadcast on the local channel ABS-CBN. The leading face for the Korean Tourism Board, Lee Min-ho’s reputation lives on to the Philippines now and there’s going to be an offline mass promotional event with BENCH.

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