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[News] ‘Faith’ Lee Min Ho discloses freaky, but comic pictures

Actor Lee Min Ho uploaded a couple of shocking, but comic pictures.

On 30th, Lee Min Ho’s agency disclosed the photos, and it shows Lee Min Ho in the middle of shooting new SBS drama ‘Faith’.

However, there is a long sword penetrated through Lee Min Ho’s body, and it shocked the fans.

The costume was made for the scene where Lee Min Ho gets stabbed while fighting, and it is said that it was made after 2 hours of labor.

Lee Min Ho wandered around in the costume during his break time, surprising them, and he seems to be enjoying to do so.

It is said that Lee Min Ho struggled in the heat with the thick armors, and he complained that heat is scarier than a sword.

Source: Star N news

Photo Source: StarhausM


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