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[Video] 140411 TVB Ent. News – Lee Min Ho interview @ OSIM uDiva CF shoot

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[Interview] @Star1 – Lee Min Ho wants to show you sides of him you’ve never seen


Have you been missing Lee Min Ho? Right now he is concentrating on his character in the Korean movie Gangnam Blues. Before the release of the movie, how can we see more of him? Thankfully, he keeps on showing up in interviews, photo shoots and fan meetings. Here is the translation of his full interview with the Korean magazine Star1 in its April edition. Let’s appreciate his gorgeous pictures together.

This age is for Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho, who took China all the way from Korea, became a celebrity that represents not only Korea but also Asia. Starting with Boys Over Flowers, through Personal Taste, City Hunter and Faith to Heirs. He is one of the best actors in their 20’s who has played various characters from a historical drama to romantic comedy dramas. Particularly Heirs, his recent drama, captured Korea, China and other Asian countries. Which charm of his made it happen? What is his secret to catch women’s hearts all at once? Let’s meet Lee Min Ho who arouses our curiosity.

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[Interview] Ku Hye-sun, Lee Sang-yoon, Kim Ji-seok, Jeong Jin-yeong, Kong Hyung-jin, Seungri for the Drama ‘Angel Eyes’


You have to image of a pleasant guy like ‘eomchina’. Are you similar to Dong-ju in any ways?

Lee Sang-yoon – I think the nickname ‘eomchina’ is too good for me. Dong-ju is a better guy than me. But I can relate to the feelings of Dong-ju in the drama.

(To Ku Hye-sun) It’s been a while since your last drama. Are you ready for the new drama?

Ku Hye-sun – Well, I’m a little nervous. I’m not sure if I could fit into the drama well. I took a break for a long time but it’s good that I like the script. I’d have a lot of fun shooting this melodrama.

How similar are you to your character?

Kim Ji-seok – I’m glad that I’m in love in the drama as I don’t have any girlfriend at the moment. I’m satisfied with that. As I play a firefighter I shot a ‘The Avengers’ class accident scene yesterday to exaggerate a little. The filming site was so huge and real. The drama offers lots of interesting things.

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[Interview] Ku Hye Sun – summarized translation of SURE Magazine interview

Q1–You busily spent the last 2 years with directing and arts and exhibitons. But 2 years is a long time to the fans/public. Did you stress over appearing in dramas?

A1– It was very difficult for me to choose a drama. I had occasions to not accept proposals and I felt that time was needed for people to forget my acting patters so far and the past images of me. The way I talk is different from 2 years ago; my personality changed too. I also wanted to make some changes to my appearance too. Growing out my hair took just about a year. I am not a prolific actress and yet several of my acting performances have received criticisms. I just felt that I should at least pass 30 and see.

Q2–When did you start to stress over those things?

A2–well,,I think I mentioned it even in the interview 5-6 years ago. I said at that time that I needed time to be forgotten. I was OK with me acting in sitcom and fantasy, but I felt awkward with my acting in historical and modern dramas. I felt out of place. I did not see myself acting naturally when I monitored myself. Most dramas is about normal everyday life issues. I also saw too much facial movements.

Q3–short hair style was your thing, but your long hair is very refreshing.

A3–After BOF ended, I found myself avoiding being “feminine” or wanting to look like “actress”. I sincerely avoided being consumed by limited concept of femininity. I really needed a lot of patience. Many actresses find other ways of dealing with that. Most people see my face and think “cute”, but I wondered whether I can pass sexy. But time passed and I lost some baby fat and got some wrinkles and my thoughts started to change too. I really and sincerely love short hair but I also got bit bored with it.

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[Interview] F.OUND (Feb2014 Issue) – Ku Hye Sun-Artist who indulge in freedom (Part 2)

#Friends who do not age.

You mentioned that a movie incorporates all the things that you do like drawing, writing, music, etc. So, you could just make movies, then why do you also put on exhibitions, publish books and release albums?

Movie has its collective charm. However, it is hard to be imaginative while watching a movie. If a movie sends an answer inside a frame, I feel that I can imagine with music and art. Each medium/content has its own special charm. I am given an image of being all over the place and unfocused in what I do. But, truly, I think a lot about what is so different about what I am doing? For example, you cannot just make a magazine by only writing. You have to come up with a concept, you have to make sure to acquire the location, you would also have to get some right music for the right mood. It is not that different. Read More…

[Interview] F.OUND (Feb2014 Issue) – Ku Hye Sun-Artist who indulge in freedom (Part 1)

Editor=Nah Hana; Photo=Park JungMin(Grade Studio); Stylist=Ji SangEun; Ku HyeSun of YG Entertainment

Ku HyeSun acts, makes movies and music, writes and draws. Being able to do one of those is hard yet she does them all. It is not because she is better than others or that she is born with genius talents. It is just that she has much more to show and share with others and she is much more diligent.

 I said to myself that if it were not for the interview, I most likely would not have so carefully looked into her creations as I pushed the play button to listen to an album with her name on it. “From now on you cannot even say ‘we’ which does not exist”—her dry and barren voice in the song was soaking with sadness. I became calm. I saw her movies one after the other. I have to say there were some aspects that were harsh and excessive, but I was intrigued by the way she unfolds the themes of the stories. I also liked the fact that she does not try to kindly explain everything. Above all, I felt that she has a knack for making the actors look really good on screen. Thanks to her, I discovered actress Suh HyunJin. Read More…


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