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[Video] 150731 FOROtv – Coreana ícono de la k-drama – Ku Hye Sun interview


Brief translation by LauraA @ soompi

Q: We were just talking about South Korea last week and especially kpop and the arts, today presented to a woman who is an actress, singer, songwriter, artist, model, film and television director, writer, guitarist and pianist Ku Hye Sun, Who visited our country.
basically after the reporter spoke that her fame can see through blogs and videos that raise their fans, and as the press pays attention to everything she does and it shows in the press conference of her latest drama Blood, the reporter tells the story of the drama, and also says that despite criticism she received for her performance the drama was a success, says that easily fame and beauty can pigeonhole but she does not bother her much less worries and she is really talented, and the reporter cite all her skills, actress, director, etc. then KHS says, “everyone has their own life and manner, then I prefer to do what I want and enjoy it. I do not think an actor only need to play a role, and that a painter should only draw”, then the reporter tells a little her life, when she was born, when she debuted as one began and the drama that followed, also mentions her latest film and “tango”, then I think they asked who was her inspiration or mentor, to which she replies “I can not choose one person because I have played a lot of content and movies, the truth that influenced me most my art teacher in the village where I lived as a child, that actors of the West”, then the reporter mentioned about her paintings and her exhibition 2013, and that the critical  mentioned that her works may notice the hand of an artist working from the heart so it can reproduce the beauty of art with easily, KHS mentions ” I have been changing my style of painting of my twenties, I liked to make Abstract paintings depicting thought, but now I prefer to draw something more specific like animals, I want to live imagining more freely and try draw that way, and as I said I can not mention a only mentor, because I have greatly influenced contemporary painters, finally the reporter mentioned the latest album of KHS and tracks it contains.
well and does not mention anything else, if was for some project or vacation, or if was alone or accompanied.

[Interview] Listening to Koo Hye-seon’s music

Koo Hye-seon is out with her newest new age album called “Breath 2” for the first time in 6 years. But that’s no surprise because Koo Hye-seon has been very busy as an actress, film director, hosting exhibitions and publishing novels. There have been people who looked at her with jaundiced eyes and the reasons being that she released mostly repertoires and her acting skills. However, her music is comfortable enough for anyone to hear. Listening to them with closed eyes releases a field of imaginations. Her music makes one liberal and so did the interview with her. The discussion was mainly her album and the talk of music soon became talk of people.

Q. How does it feel to be releasing your second album?

Koo Hye-seon: I don’t know yet but I’m lighter at heart.

Q. This is your first album in 6 years. How long have you prepared for this?

I’ve been working on it every chance I can. Some of the songs have been made a while ago. Some 3 years, some 5 years. I discarded some songs and polished the album around the edges a little bit.

Q. How did your company react when you said you were going to release a second album?

I told them that I would finish making the album before I release it. The first album did well and I’m not embarrassed by it. I hoped my company wasn’t too because the genre is completely different from what the company pursues.

Q. It’s been a long time. Do you think you’re ready to come back?

I am quite free. If I was in the middle of a drama or movie or was going to be busy with one, I would have postponed my album a little bit. I intended to release it around April because of a song that sounded like April. Actually it means ‘death’ but I changed the title to “Tens and Thousands of Years Later”. I think it’s a good song to listen to every once in a while when you’re down.

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[Inteview] Ku Hye Sun – Translation of 150613 media interviews

Why do you do all that you do (direct, write, paint,etc) Her answer was simple. “To be happy and because I have a lot of energy.”

Ku Hye Sun: ” I think I try hard to be happy and to enjoy. In situations where there is pressue and repression, it feels like a breakthrough to do something that feels free. I always wanted to do many things. I also had tons of energy. I also feel regret if I started something and look back on it. But, most importantly, I am really happy when I am working.”

Ku Hye Sun also says that when she is composing or drawing, she gets 깡다구’=??? (I checked and it means “Someone who has a bold and strong character”)

Ku Hye Sun: ” When I work on a movie or drama, it is a collaborative work so I do worry a lot about many things. I worry a lot about disappointing or cause some damage to others in some way and could feel down.  But,when I compose or draw, it is a job I do on my own. So, I can do whatever I like and 깡다구 gets activated in me. 

Ku Hye Sun said that when she draws, she becomes detalied and when she composes, she feels relaxed. She feels that her sense of relaxation is more fully expressed in this new album. Ku Hye Sun says that she really put a lot into her new album.

Ku Hye Sun: ” Even though they are released in 6 years, I wrote most of them 2 to 3 years ago. I took them out and sorted them and organized them. I made the MV myself and even took a pix for the cover of the album myself. I really put a lot into it. It contains many stories about seasons,,and I would like to recommed that it may be nice to listen in nature.”

Reporter asked her about doing art and music work thinking that she would say that they all affect each other. But the reporter was surprised by her answer. Ku Hye Sun is even more in love with doing art and music works.

Ku Hye Sun: ” The more and more I do them, I realized that they are different. Perhaps they are all linked together in that they all express emotions/impressions, but the more I get into the works, they are totally different domain and color.”

Reporter asked her what kind of grade does she think she will get for the album. Ku Hye Sun’s answer: “I would be grateful for just listening.”

Ku Hye Sun: “People can easily approach music in everyday life. I feel that perhaps I can feel closer to others through music. I have no goals about singing. But I think I would be satisfied if people just at least recognize that Ku Hye Sun make this kind of music.”

Source: OSEN

translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

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[Interview] KoBiz interview – Lee Min Ho of Gangnam Blues

“First film in a lead role, I felt a lot of responsibility.”
This is your first feature film and you were called as the main cast. As this is director YOO Ha’s 3rd installment of the street series, there are a lot of fans in anticipation. How do you feel?
After I’ve read some press coverage on Gangnam Blues and finding out that most of them talked about the film in positive light, I felt a bit more secure.
When someone says LEE Min-ho, we think of your TV drama characters GU Joon-pyo in Boys over Flowers (2009) and KIM Tan in The Heirs (2013). To become a gang member in Gangnam Blues, what kind of changes to your image did you have to work on?
Choosing Gangnam Blues wasn’t a choice I made to change into a manly character or to escape from the idol image I had through previous works. I had always thought I would like to work on a film once I’ve become mature enough. That was when I received the screenplay from director YOO. He waited for me for a year while I finished up taping for The Heirs and I’m thankful that I was able to do my first film with him.
You’re a leader of the Hallyu trend. You must have wanted to do your best as it’s your first film in a lead role.
I always clear my schedule a month before any new project. In that time, I refresh myself, both body and soul before starting something new. But after The Heirs, I had a lot of schedules in China and felt like I didn’t have enough time to get myself prepared. But once we started shooting, YOO trusted my performance and it worked out.
What kind of character do you play in Gangnam Blues?
My character Jong-dae is not a super ambitious character. He wanted a normal life with a family and a house. So while under the skins of Jong-dae, I tried to portray a person who is running towards the better life and trying to run away from the bad times. I wanted to show that he wanted to escape from the present. I personally had some tough years of my own, and I wanted to express it through Jong-dae’s life.

Jong-dae’s piercing stare reminds me of the character you played in Public Enemy Returns (2008).
Director YOO also told me that he liked my eyes in Public Enemy Returns. During that time, the hungry eyes were very real. But maybe life has become better for me. YOO told me my stare has changed, and I put in a lot of effort to bring back that raw look.

Due to your popularity in Asia, Gangnam Blues was presold to many countries.
The reason why I have to work so hard is because I need to be responsible. Many fans in Korea and China are waiting for my next work. If I want to be proud in front of my fans, I feel like I should keep on working hard. With Boys over Flowers, I’ve earned a lot of fandom especially from China. There will come a time when I will look back at the past and say, “those were my golden years.” I want to make sure that I won’t regret anything when that day comes.
What changed the most after starring in a film?
I was able to act as much as I want, and I feel like I’ve really become an actor. There was a team dinner after finishing Public Enemy Returns. At the gathering, I was amazed by the minds of film professionals and admired them. Through Gangnam Blues, I had the same experience. When the staff members relate to what I felt as a character, we became one through the film. That experience was priceless.
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