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[Info] Ku Hye Sun – more about Hong Kong Contemporary 2013

The Korean multi-talented pop icon, Ku Hye-sun will attend the Vernissage Opening of Hong Kong Contemporary and will also exhibit her artworks in a special exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary. 

Tale of the Two Cities

Date: 24 May – 27 May 2013

In the coming month of May, Hong Kong Contemporary has invited 2 important female figures, Ku Hye Sun and Gigi Chao, as the special guests for the fair.

Receiving great reviews from the public as an actress, the renowned Korean pop icon Ku Hye Sun, also demonstrates her naturally gifted artistic talents in different fields such as directing, composing and creative writing. Painting has been the most intimate medium for her to express herself.

In 2009, Ku made a hot debut in Korea as an artist in her first solo exhibition ‘Tango’, displaying several signature artworks of hers. They have sentimental flow of lines and minimalist colouring to generate a mesmerizing experience. Her second solo exhibition ‘Afterimage’ at the Seoul Art Centre also earned the attention of the public and further established her career as a professional artist.

Gigi Chao is a prominent Hong Kong philanthropist, who has been actively participating in charitable events and social movements for long.

Graduated from Manchester University in the U.K., Chao have artworks showing a strong tendency toward the abstract expressionism, revealing the influence of European and American masters Paul Cezanne and Cy Twombly on her. Her works usually carry a deeper significance beyond the surface of the bright palettes of the paintings.

Last year, she displayed a series of works of arts which were widely acclaimed. This year she is joining us again together with Ku Hye Sun, showcasing their inspiring works about Hong Kong and Seoul in a special exhibition named Tales of the Two Cities.

Art lovers should seize this chance to understand the inner world of these 2 powerful female figures and their positions under the differences between the culture in Hong Kong and Seoul. Tales of the Two Cities will exhibit15 artworks from Ku Hye Sun and the latest series from Gigi Chao, which are all for sale. Refreshing and mind- blowing artworks are waiting ahead of us in Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair. Mark down your calendar, and do not miss the most exciting event of the year.

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[Photo] 130401 Ku Hye Sun @ Korean Movie Directors Guild Inaugural Meeting

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