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[Photo] Lee Min Ho – Semir Summer2013 Promotion Collaterals

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[News] New rising star Seo In guk meets Ku Hye sun secretly?

[by Cho Suyoun] Hot rising star Seo In guk secretly gets together with Ku Hye sun for a new song and a photo of them is revealed online. 

On April 5th, Seo In guk’s management Jellyfish Entertainment posted a photo of Seo and Ku Hye sun standing by a table in recording room. They both are wearing blue toned shirts and makes people wonder as if they were a couple. 

Seo In guk recently told his fans that he will have his comeback on coming April 11th and it is getting more curious as the photo of him and Ku are revealed. People wonder what kind of role Ku Hye sun did in a new album.

Seo In guk has been working as an actor in last year in drama called ‘Answer me 1997’ and has earned a huge fame. On April 11th, he will comeback as a musician, his original career. (photo by Jellyfish Entertainment)

Source: BNTNews

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