[Info] Ku Hye Sun related – Documentary “Heo Nanseolheon” awarded Platinum Remi at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival wrapped up its 48th season on April 20. special documentary film “Heo Nanseolheon” (produced by Son Byeong-Gook), in which Ku Hye Sun played the leading role, received the Platinum Remi in Biographical category.

WorldFest-Houston is the third longest-running International Film Festival in North America, and the Oldest Independent Film Festival in the world. The Grand Remi is presented for the top award in each major category. The Special Jury Awards are Grand Remi Nominees, they are the highest awards for creative excellence in each major category. Then the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Remi Awards are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in each sub-category. 

This year, There were more than 4,300 category entries in all film and video competitions, and less than 12% of submitted entries placed for WorldFest Remi awards. For full award result, please click here.

Source: worldfest.org, robly.com & wikipedia.org



8 responses to “[Info] Ku Hye Sun related – Documentary “Heo Nanseolheon” awarded Platinum Remi at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival”

  1. bibi says :

    Eat that you heartless critics!!! if KHS is such an awful actress then why does she and her projects keep getting awards?? do you mean to tell me that the people who are in charge of all these events are stupid?? I don’t think so!!!congrats KHS, I’m extremely happy for you, maybe this will lift your spirit a little especially after the whole Blood debacle, of which I think you were awesome in!!! I’m so proud of you and all of your work! keep it up, and don’t let anything or anyone bring you down!! HATERS are aplenty but TALENT like yours is scarce!! KHS fighting….!

    • Chloe says :

      Good morning, I’m with u 100% she’s awesome, bright, she got all kind of talents and beautiful I really admired her I don’t care people criticism about her she’s the most actress that got most talented that I ever know coz of that people jealous. GHS please don’t let that discourage you. I’m here always support you No matter what!! Wishing you with lots of Heath, beauty and please please don’t take a break too long hurry come back with your new project pretty please😄😄😍 sorry my English is not my main language.

  2. clau says :

    We are proud dear angel!!

  3. Ruthie says :

    Way to go, dear angel GHS! Great achievement! So proud of her for putting in her best effort in everything she ventures in.

  4. chong says :


  5. ana linsangan says :

    Chukkae koo hye sun…you deserving that award couse your such a great actress..again congratulation..we love you and I will support you forever

  6. gayu312 says :

    Hi sis..please help in announcing about Koo hye sun Baeksang awards voting..Also please post it in badiu GHS if possible. .she is currently in 2nd place now..Need more votes from weibo

    Links for voting through android

    Link 1 : This below link is for few countries. If it says its not available in your country, try link 2

    Link 2 : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JK.Soft.Mobile.PaekSang.Awards2015.Global

    links for voting via weibo


    • meow says :

      this is already in baidu KHS, surely chinese fans are voting. I will promote it on twitter, not in blog. thanks

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