[News] Lee Min Ho Donates to Holt International Children’s Services

Lee Min Ho Donates to Holt International Children’s Services

On February 19, Holt International Children’s Services revealed that they had agreed to a social contribution agreement with the donation platform PROMIZ.

PROMIZ is the official charity brand created by actor Lee Min Ho and functions as a donation platform that promises to create a more caring, giving world.

Since 2014, PROMIZ has paired with Holt International Children’s Services in order to help children in need all over the country. This new agreement between the two charities is accompanied by a donation of 50 million won (about $40,550).

The chairman of Holt International, Kim Dae Yeol, said, “We’re happy that Holt International, who believes children are the most beautiful when they are loved, will be pairing up with PROMIZ in this endeavor. We hope that this can be a good opportunity for Lee Min Ho to officially share his generosity and continue his charitable work.”

Holt International Children’s Services began in 1955 as an adoption service to help the children who had been hurt and/or orphaned by the war. Since then they have expanded to provide welfare to single parents, people with disabilities, and community welfare in cases of poverty. They have also expanded operations to Mongolia, Cambodia, and Tanzania in order to provide comprehensive social welfare institutions and professional social services to underprivileged children with international support.

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