[Photo + FA] 151121 Ku Hye Sun @ “Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring” Concert


I was so lucky to be able to attend HyeSun’s concert. I have confirmed my trip to Seoul way before the concert announcement. When the news about the concert is released, I know I am definitely going since its date is during my Seoul trip.

I expected that it would be an instrumental concert with Hyesun playing piano with other musicians, but it ends up was Choi In Young with musicians playing HyeSun’s music. Hyesun just came out at each session introducing the music and sang a few songs. Of course, to Sunnies, we feel not enough. :p Nonetheless, her music is beautiful as always, it’s a pleasure to listen to her music at a cozy venue like Understage.

Last but not least, thanks to Ayesuper for helping me to buy the concert ticket. And I am so happy to meet other Sunnies from different countries. 🙂 I hope we would have more opportunities to meet & see HyeSun through different activities in near future.

herewith some pics I have taken with my phone (the resolution is not good, please bear with it :p)


before the concert start



birthday event


HyeSun playing piano


end of concert




12 responses to “[Photo + FA] 151121 Ku Hye Sun @ “Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring” Concert”

  1. lily says :

    she is so pretty and elegant ku hye sun fighting

  2. clau says :

    She looks happy again!!

  3. chong says :

    Im so happy to hear about the concert.Shes in Korea wow how i wish i will watch her concert someday and im not losing hope.😎Good luck to all your project and goal.Keep up the good work and lovelotsssss muahhhhh

  4. goofygal says :

    wow..thank you for sharing ur experience.i hope it was a memorable one that will last forever:)

  5. lily says :

    she is so pretty at the concert to bad that cannot go to her concert we watch at the YouTube her music is very beautiful

  6. marychuy says :

    Como siempre hermosa nuestra princesa. Gracias por compartir su experiencia. Saludos desde Mexico

  7. clau says :

    Where are you Meow? Why you don talk us. Se miss you

  8. Ana soriano linsangan says :

    She’s always beautiful..

  9. ainah says :

    meow, can i ask you when the legendary tycoon will be release?

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