[News] Ku Hye Sun is to Hold a Concert!

– Thanks to the popularity of Ku Hye Sin’s new age album, she will be holding a concert at Hyundai Card Understage.

– The tickets to the concert will be sold on Interpark starting from October 23.

KU HYE SUN is having her very own concert.

Thanks to the popularity of her new age album “BREATH” and “BREATH 2”, Ku Hye Sun will be holding a concert titled “SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING” at Hyundai Card Understage in Itaewon, Seoul at 6 PM on November 21.

She released her album “BREATH” in September 2009 and “BREATH 2- After 10 Years 100 Years” in June this year. The title track of the album “After 10 Years 100 Years” is a reinterpretation of the sound track of “Peach Tree”, a movie directed by Ku Hye Sun. The title track is a piano piece written by Ku Hye Sun and arranged by Choi In Young. When the album was released, its title track became No.1 on Melon’s new age music charts and No.3 on the Top 100 charts.

Also, the self-written track “RAIN” of her first album “BREATH” topped China’s QQ Music Charts for four consecutive days in April this year although six years have passed since the album was released. The album “BREATH” is the soundtrack for “MAGIC”, which is the first movie that Ku Hye Sun directed. Singer GUMMI and Isao Sasaki, a leading Japanese new age musician, participated in the soundtrack.  

Ku Hye Sun proved that she has musical talent by releasing seven digital singles and two albums. She released the album ”BREATH” in 2009 and her next album “BREATH2- After 10 Years 100 Years”  in June 2015. Her digital single “BROWN HAIR” was released in June 2010, “MARRY ME” in October 2012, “AMNESIA” in May 2013, “IT’S YOU” in July 2013, “HAPPY” in November 2013, “FLORAL RAIN” in October 2014, and “MUST” in November 2014. 

The concert on November 21 is a collaborative work by Ku Hye Sun and Understage. She will share her experience as a musician, painter, and a novelist. Fans will be able to see the “SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING” of Ku Hye Sun and how she became the artist that she is right now. 

The ticket sale for Ku Hye Sun’s “SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING” concert begins on November 23.

Source: ygfamily

Photo source: interpark



One response to “[News] Ku Hye Sun is to Hold a Concert!”

  1. ana linsangan says :

    Super wow..goodluck koo hye sun to your concert.. we miss you so much..

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