[News] Lee Min Ho chosen as the most popular Korean among Arabs

For the 40th anniversary of the first Arabic broadcast in Korea, international station ‘KBS World Radio‘ conducted a survey titled ‘Arabs Perception of Korea,’ where they surveyed 3,000 Arabs from 22 Arabic nations about K-culture, K-celebs, and their thoughts on life in Korea. 
In the said survey, under the category of ‘The first person who comes to mind when you think Korean,’ actor Lee Min Ho came out on top, taking 14.8% of the votes. In second place was Super Junior with 10.8%, third place was EXO with 9%, fourth was Park Shin Hye with 5.1%. The finals spots were occupied in a tie between United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki Moon and South Korean president Park Geun Hye, with 2.6% of the respective votes each. 

On these results, pop culture critic Kim Yoon Ha said, “There is a strong belief that Lee Min Ho is a gentleman who doesn’t ride the popularity wave and the strength of his drama characters serves as an unconditional basis to his wide appeal.

In addition, 95% of the surveyed stated that their image of Korea improved thanks to Hallyu or Korean Culture Contents.

Cre: Allkpop



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