[News] Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk, China’s Hallyu Stars of the Year

Actor Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk were chosen as China’s Hallyu Stars of the Year.

They made their speeches via video at the 2015 ROK Brand of the Year Awards on the 6th.

Lee Min-ho said, “I am so happy to have been chosen for this year’s brand award. It means a lot as I was chosen by the consumers themselves and I take this as love and support for me to further progress in the future”.

Lee Jong-suk said, “I am happy to be chosen. As a representing face of Korean brands, I promise to do better in the future”.

The 2015 ROK Brand of the Year Awards started in 2003, discovering brands that have been most popular in Korea. Consumers vote personally and choose the grand prizes.

This year, a new category called, ‘Brand of the Year’ voted by Chinese consumers, was created.

From the 10th of August to the 18th, online and mobile votes were carried out in China to choose the Brand of the Year. The results showed Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Lee Min-ho, Super Junior, EXO, Big Bang, Lee Gwang-soo, Yoo Jae-seok, Girls’ Generation, Lee Jong-suk and CNBlue.

Source : www.osen.co.kr

Credit: hancinema.net


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