[Video & Photo] 150922 Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport return from Italy

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14 responses to “[Video & Photo] 150922 Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport return from Italy”

  1. None says :

    Now I see how a lot of minsunners have fallen out of love with LMH . I too , is heading that direction . I wish Koo the best in her career and I hope she is or finds a man who is not constantly in the spot light . I would love to see her in the news with her real man with his hands around her . I pray that you find one that is deserving of you . Koo you are special and one of a kind – don’t settle for mere words . Bless you and wish you lots of new happiness. I wish Daniel Choi is not just a friend – he is so nice and supports your projects .

    • clau says :

      Minsunners are minsunners forver!!!

      • None says :

        You don’t see LMH as a puppet of his agency ? I enjoyed looking for connections between minsun – little as it may be but what I see in grandeur is the actor more than I see as Koo ‘s man. I just don’t think he is as sincere as he was during BOF days. If he has truly Koo’s man – he wouldn’t let her be the recipient of the LMH and Suzy news . Put yourself in her shoes .

    • May says :

      True 😭💔

    • Aoknow says :

      I agree with you. Lmh is charming but I don’t think he’s man enough for ghs. If minsun is real and lmh is totally committed to her in his whole life, then what’s the hold up in proclaiming his sincerity? I don’t see any point in making a woman wait unless you are not sure yourself.

  2. May says :

    I feel so broken heart 😭 💔 Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho.. Why they cannot be together 😔 💔

  3. chong says :

    Lee min ho is no longer my pare!sorry to tell this but is really awkward to my idol!i hope you will realize this kind of comment to you.

    • None on says :

      I agree – if the Suzy relationship is false and he goes along with it – his priority is not Goo Hye Sun . He is just a puppet of starhaus and JYP agency . It’s basically mean they own him. I’m greedy – I want a man who is 100% mine – body and soul . I won’t settle of half . Koo is a beautiful person inside and out . She should have a man who will stickup for her not just at home but publicly too . It must be hard for her to read all this and her family too . If you happen to read this LMH – I’m so disappointed in you . No amount of minsun connections will take away my disappoint .😕

    • None on says :

      I know this is a minsun page . I just need to say what I feel so pls forgive me Meow . LMH has disappointed me again . All the news makes him seem like a property of the two agencies .Koo is so different than him that it makes it hard for me to think they are compatible . I’m a minsuner but just a disappointed minsunner right now .Koo I miss you and be strong . Many people are rooting for you .

  4. noname says :

    why must be suzy ? TT _ TT

    • A fallen minsunner says :

      Because she is popular .I may be wrong but I think the two agency wrote up a contact to build this couple to get promote more advertisement . It’s all about the money .it makes me think that he values his agency and money over Koo. It goes back to her interview where she said she dated a star but she thinks he values his fame more than her . I have been following them for a long time that I am so disappointed for my Koo and as minsunner

  5. chong says :


    • A fallen minsunner says :

      We all want to protect her – we are all belong you !
      She protects the handicapped and children all by herself without the help of advertisement and all the hoopla promotion. She is as pure as anyone can be . She is not about money and fame but a woman of pure integrity .
      Flowers for you Koo 🌹🌹🌹

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