[News] Lee Min Ho takes over the advertisement industry

Lee Min-ho is taking over the advertising industry.

Lee Min-ho has been modeling for the outdoor brand Eider for 5 years straight and this time he expands his territory.

Eider’s plan to target the 20s and 30s in 2011 was successful as it held hands with Lee Min-ho up to 5 years in a row. It’s been a while since Lee Min-ho was nicknamed the ‘sellout king’ as everything he puts on sells out immediately in stores. The reason for his long term with Eider is thanks to his reputation as an actor and manly appeal.

He’s also been in global contract with national cosmetic brand Innisfree for 6 years in a row. Cosmetic brands tend to hire trendy stars as their models and this proves that Lee Min-ho has been consistently influential.

His reputation has reached the international market as well. Like the global Hallyu star that has over 280 million followers in his Chinese SNS, Lee Min-ho is mighty influential in China as well. Last year, LG chose Lee Min-ho as their model and expanded that territory in April to other parts of China. LG Electronics claims the Lee Min-ho effect has benefited them and decided to re-sign with him.

Samsonite, a bag brand, also chose Lee Min-ho for its Red Line Global model. Profits have increased by 40% since he became their model. Kyochon Chicken also shook hands with Lee Min-ho last year and expanded his influence to China, South East Asia, Japan and America. China even published a big story about his re-signing with Kyochon while it had the chicken boom. The Philippines clothing brand BENCH is also working with Lee Min-ho for 4 years in a row and showing his global power.

National advertising agents say, “Lee Min-ho has been unshaken nationally and internationally for many years straight and his image is fusable with anything. His influence in China and healthy image gives trust to the public and his value is bound to go up further”.

Source : topstarnews.net

Credit: hancinema.net



One response to “[News] Lee Min Ho takes over the advertisement industry”

  1. skarlettpatt says :

    amazing my dear idol, you are this and more, and i wish that you have much more success, and yes 2011 wow the years have passed i’m happy and I am still your fan and I will continue being my idol….love uuuuuuu Lee Min Ho….

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