[FA] 150731 Ku Hye Sun @ Shinhan Card GREAT Talk interrobang

I went. I saw her fully right in front of my nose. No pictures allowed so no photos.

She wore an ivory blouse and light pink skirt to match. Her hair was bright ?yellow/regal color and looked as if she gained a bit of weight in a pretty way. She looked comfortable. With her special big smile she walked up to stage that had nothing on it.

She said that she felt a bit of panic standing on an empty stage –she felt as if she is facing the audience fully exposed. She said she came prepared with some notes but, now that she is here, she feels like other stories are coming up.

She spoke carefully. Since she is invited as a director, she spoke from that perspective. She said that she felt the strong urge to direct as if she was in love wholeheartedly and she just had to do it. –you know..if you fall in love, you cannot see anything else. She says she wanted to be free from 5 areas.

1. freedom from funding–like most directors, she also had much anxiety about funding when she went into directing and, but she wanted to be free from it.

2. freedom from family–it is linked to the first one. She is not talking about wanting to be independent from her family. What she means is that she felt guilty that she was not sufficiently supporting her family and she wanted to be free from that feeling. 

3. freedom from critics—she does not mean that she will ignore others’ criticisms. She knew that there will be enormous negativity and condemnations. She just wanted to be able to endure no matter how harsh the criticisms and condemnations may be. 

4. (poster did not expect this) freedom from jealousy –she said that she realized that she felt jealous of others who are doing better than she is and also realized that the emotions that she exerted on such issue only made her feel more pitiful. And, she wanted to be free from that.

5. freedom from needing to be great—at times, she felt the need to give herself a praise, but she even wanted freedom from such a need. 

The more I heard her talk, I realized more than ever before how much she has developed into such a mature and wonderful person. During the question and comment period, one 10-year male fan said that he was just a simple fan in the beginning, but he started to think of HS as his mentor down the road and became an aspiring writer. He wondered if HS can turn another writer’s work into a film and, if so, he would love to work with her. Another older female fan gave a message of regrets and support for her. One foreign fan commented that she is inspired by how HS is able to smile so brightly after all that has happened and that her bright smles has been a source of great strength for her…I also wanted to ask her but I hesitated too long and the MC said there is no more time left. 

While HS talked, I took her in as fully as I can, but it was still so short. I miss her already. The prior speakers were also wonderful. More than anything, I am so happy that I was able to stare and take shining HS in right in front of my nose as long as I can. I just wrote it without edits so hopefully it is ok. And, I hope it is helpful to those fans who could not attend. I really wanted to ask her next agenda but could not so I am full of regrets. 


My first time seeing her.

First of all, GHS is not a human being.

I know that the first 2 speakers are definitely human beings.

Suddenly, on a different dimension, amazingly white being appeared.

This being started to speak while smiling.

For the past 10 years, I met so many female celebrities.

wait,,,including regular people… Among all the females whom I met since I was born, she is the prettiest.

It is not an issue of whether she is pretty or not, light radiates around her body so amazingly white.

White light just poured out and she spoke. It is hard to recognize her as a human being..

She seems like a higher being who is pretending to be human.

What it must be like to see her? it is like you are reading a romance manga, and the main female character from that manga just walked out of it and just started to speak to you about her life.

And, she is looking so very embarrassed, and smiling at you. Wow,,,she is really pretty.

She is unrealistically. a beautiful woman.

Even such word as beautiful woman does not fit. If there is such a being as an heavenly being or an angel, I think she would shine like her.

She is so pretty that a shock came over me resulting in my getting a bad headache. keke

I watched with incredible concentration. I felt like my whole energy was absorbed so much so that I had to nearly lie down on the subway to return home.

I actually cannot even remember the content of the talk concert. During that short 30 minutes,  “Can a person be that lovely?”; “She just cannot be a person. She must be an angel, or heavenly being or a fairy.”; “But, I came to see GHS, not a goddess.”

That was what I was thinking to myself. I was out of my mind. ㅜㅜ

Anyway, after I became a fan, it was my first time seeing GHS.

The other female celebrities whom I have seen did not even enter my mind.

She is unbelievably pretty.  It was just too outrageous. 

Her hair was straight (Blood style) Time to time, she would sweep her hair away.

She would smile brightly that it felt like something too great and lovely. It is like watching the best of nature.

And, I was on the first row. I was so close.

This loveliness was something that I could not control.

You may all think that I am over-reacting. Regretably, hey are all true.

She is the very first female celebrity that I liked In my mind,

I thought I will see her someday. This was the last round.

?? A real last round?? (I am not sure what it really means.)

Pix taking was prohibited. This is the banner hung at the lobby.

I just took a pix of that. (so that you will be consoled a little bit.)

Lastly, some of the things that she said at the concert… I cannot remember the exact content (due to the headache from yesterday, I came home and slept immediately)…

but I will try to write them down briefly.

Hello. I am Gu HyeSun. There is no table or anything in the front of me that I am so close to you that I feel somewhat embarrassed.”

“I consider following 4 things important to me.”

First is the Independence from the funding/funders. 

 “People may look at me and assume that I would easily receive monetary support and very seamlessly produce a movie, but that is not the case. I also thought that if I spend 100-Mon-Won, I need to recover 100-Mon-Won, but I realized that art is not like that. I also reaized that it is not good to dwell on it either.”

Secondly, Independence from family.

 “I started to have this thought. Once upon a time and a day, I was born and was given a name of Gu Hye Sun and I lived doing few different things. Then, who am I? I dont mean leaving my family or never seeing my family. I felt that I wanted to be independent from the limited meanings of myself as just a daughter or as someone who protects the family to live.

 Thirdly an independece from myself.

 “This is actually somewhat similar to previous. I want to be independent from me who gets tangled up/obsessed in something so that I am more free.”

 (There was one more, but I cannot remember. ㅜㅜ)

 Mottos that she mentioned:

My motto is, first, No-Owning.

It is important to not own unnecessary things.

I want to have only to the limit of what I can manage

” and what I can throw away.”

“Second motto is ??JA-PPUK spirit/attitude”

I am the best. I can do it.

I feel that such beliefs are definitely necessary in life.”


Is there a film that impressed you very much?

 “Did you happen to see my movie? (GHS spoke earnestly.) –(GHS’s JA-PPUK attitude!! keke)   Actually, I really enjoy watching romantic comedy and animations.”

 “Hello Unnie. I am from another country. I am not good in Korean, so I hope I can ask you something in English?”

 “Yes!!?? (Koo was  really surpised.)

The foreign fan started to ask in English. (At this moment, Koo and all the attendees exploded in laughter. keke)

 “How do you do %&%$%$^ Gamja @$#@^ smile @$#@#% life! @#!@$”

Basically, the question was:

 <Life can be tough, but I see GHS always smiling. What is her secret?>

  “In the past, I wanted to look good to others. I wanted to leave a good impression and memory of me that at times, I would force myself to smile. They would call that the disease of a good person. right?

But, I do feel that I have become much more honest since then.”

 “To say it differently, 

jealousy is something that may become a motivator for living better.

such as she seems prettier than I am~

or she seems to be better than I am~

Such thoughts may motivate a person to win over the other person.

However, if we live like that,  ultimately, we become sicker and more pitiful.

We would not grow old nicely. We would not be happy.

I want to be free from such things.

If we have our own personal base/criteria for happiness, “I believe that anybody and all people can be happy.”

“In our lives, we set goals to achieve dreams.  We may become obsessed/tied up in making that drream come true.

To be honest, I want to be free from the thought that I must and have to accomplish something.

I want to be a more free person.


Meeting Gu HyeSun for the first itme, I realized that she already realized what is the best way to live and she is taking one step at a time and walking on that path.

She is most definitely as strong as a tree and a beautiful person.

 “I want to be free.”

 That is her last statement.  I wonder why that feels so beautiful.

Source: DC Ku (1) & (2)

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi



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