[Photo] 150702 Ku Hye Sun appointed as the promotion ambassador to Leukemia Association

Korean Leukemia Association held its 13th celebratory ceremony on July 2nd at M-Square and also appointed its promotion ambassador. Leukemia patients,  their families, and volunteers attended the meeting.

Formal MBC announcer Choi Hyun Jung was the MC for the meeting. The ceremony  started with a video greeting message from KLS’a promotion ambassador Kim Mi Hwa who is a TV talent along with the singer Ivy. The head of the KLA Ahn Ghi Jong made a remark of gratitude and also gave a video presentation about all the “footprints” made by the association in the past year, 2014. 

This day, KLA also appointed Ku Hye Sun as its promotion ambassador. In 2011, Ku Hye Sun led the campaign to raise money to help a 4 yo Mongolian boy Sudkuh to be able to receive bone marrow transplant. She visited Sudkuh at the hospital while he was in recovery and even invited him and his family to her then cafe as well. 

In 2012, Ku Hye Sun heard about infection dangers faced by leukemia patients when they are transported in regular ambulance. She also heard about KLA not being able to acquire infection-free transportation car (‘sterilized clean car”) for leukemia patients due to lack of sufficient funds. Then, she held a personal opening of her art works and donated all the funds collected towards acquiring the “sterilized clean car”. 

Ku Hye Sun plans to carry out various activities to present gifts of dreams and hopes for the leukemia patients and the children. 

Ku Hye Sun on her appointment: “It has been a long time since I last saw Sudkuh but he has always occupied a part of me. Thanks to Sudkuh, I was able to hear about KLA who was having a hard time. Whenever I would carry out activities as the promotion ambassador, I want every moment to be sincere. I will do my best as the ambassador so that there is no shame.”

Since 2007, KLA annually selected and awarded one person for the “Kim Hyang Sook Volunteer Award”. This year, Yoo Jin Hyuk (age:20) is awarded for giving his gift of singing to the leukemia patients. At the ceremony, he sang two songs: Kim Bum Su’s “It will pass” and late Kim Kwang Su’s ” Those days”. 

To end the ceremony, MC Choi Hyun Jung initiated KLA’s motto: “Let us become each other’s crutch.” Then all the attendees closed with the rest of the motto: “Together”. 

Source: medipana.com

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Source: blog.naver.com/e100479



8 responses to “[Photo] 150702 Ku Hye Sun appointed as the promotion ambassador to Leukemia Association”

  1. Minsun4ever says :

    You are awesome and a good example for us all always !

  2. ana linsangan says :

    Yes its true..she’s. the one for me..the multi talented person beautiful in and out..good job unnie..

  3. Minsun4ever says :

    She is a beautiful lady inside and outside . Thus is hard to find in any person specially the entertainment

  4. chong says :

    My idol is very loving person inside and out!Thank you for your kindness and charitable work for a boy who need a bone marrow transplant.Really is the most expensive transplant.God will always bless you and your love one’s.Love you my idol muahhhhhh!

  5. Clau says :

    So sad dear angel, when will you be back?

  6. Minsun4ever says :

    Koo – if you reading this … We love you … Get a good rest….. Take care …come back soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. lily says :

    Koo hye sun you are our best and beautiful inside and out side we want to see you come back soon be happy and take good care of your health we love you

  8. Tia says :

    This is why I love her so dearly. She’s give her all to others in need. She’s truly a unique and beautiful lady. A HEART OF GOLD!! Saranghae KHS…cha..cha..cha…FIGHTING!!

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