[Inteview] Ku Hye Sun – Translation of 150613 media interviews

Why do you do all that you do (direct, write, paint,etc) Her answer was simple. “To be happy and because I have a lot of energy.”

Ku Hye Sun: ” I think I try hard to be happy and to enjoy. In situations where there is pressue and repression, it feels like a breakthrough to do something that feels free. I always wanted to do many things. I also had tons of energy. I also feel regret if I started something and look back on it. But, most importantly, I am really happy when I am working.”

Ku Hye Sun also says that when she is composing or drawing, she gets 깡다구’=??? (I checked and it means “Someone who has a bold and strong character”)

Ku Hye Sun: ” When I work on a movie or drama, it is a collaborative work so I do worry a lot about many things. I worry a lot about disappointing or cause some damage to others in some way and could feel down.  But,when I compose or draw, it is a job I do on my own. So, I can do whatever I like and 깡다구 gets activated in me. 

Ku Hye Sun said that when she draws, she becomes detalied and when she composes, she feels relaxed. She feels that her sense of relaxation is more fully expressed in this new album. Ku Hye Sun says that she really put a lot into her new album.

Ku Hye Sun: ” Even though they are released in 6 years, I wrote most of them 2 to 3 years ago. I took them out and sorted them and organized them. I made the MV myself and even took a pix for the cover of the album myself. I really put a lot into it. It contains many stories about seasons,,and I would like to recommed that it may be nice to listen in nature.”

Reporter asked her about doing art and music work thinking that she would say that they all affect each other. But the reporter was surprised by her answer. Ku Hye Sun is even more in love with doing art and music works.

Ku Hye Sun: ” The more and more I do them, I realized that they are different. Perhaps they are all linked together in that they all express emotions/impressions, but the more I get into the works, they are totally different domain and color.”

Reporter asked her what kind of grade does she think she will get for the album. Ku Hye Sun’s answer: “I would be grateful for just listening.”

Ku Hye Sun: “People can easily approach music in everyday life. I feel that perhaps I can feel closer to others through music. I have no goals about singing. But I think I would be satisfied if people just at least recognize that Ku Hye Sun make this kind of music.”

Source: OSEN

translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Ku Hye Sun is asked if she passed YG’s end of the month grade? That is just Idol system.

Reporter says that YG is extremely conservative and detailed when it comes to  releasing even one album. That is why it takes a long time for a group to make a comeback. Ku Hye Sun who belongs to YG also took 6 years to come up with second one. Of course, Yang HyunSuk did not do anything with Ku Hye Sun’s album. But, Ku Hye Sun says that she poured a lot into her new album more than in the past.

YG’s foundation is hip hop music. Ku Hye Sun’s album’s genre is New Age, totally opposite of Hip Hop. When reporter asked Ku Hye Sun if she does not like Hip Hip, she shook her hand.

Ku Hye Sun: ” I really love New Age and listen to it alot. Actually, I don’t really listen to today’s music that much.”

Reporter comments that even though an actress who is part of YG has released an album, YG does not seem to be that interested. Reporter asked her if she participated in the end of the month grading system? Ku Hye Sun broke into a loud laughter and said: “That is an Idol System.”

Ku Hye Sun: “I don’t really receive any musical support from YG. I just make the album on my own in my own space and the YG”s music business team release it into YT. End of the month grading? Most likely YG does not even know what I do. hahaha.”

Source: OSEN

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi


Since Ku Hye Sun made all 13 pieces by herself, reporter asked: Tell me what you don’t do.

Ku Hye Sun is releasing her second New Age album in 6 years. Last one was in 2009. To the reporter’s question, Ku Hye Sun answered shyly that she really does not do anything well. She modestly said that she is simply organizing and releasing compositions that she had been working on for a long time.

Ku Hye Sun: “What I am not good at? I am good at doing things by myself, but I don’t think I am good with other people. (laughter) I like drawing and composing by myself that I am able to release an album. Right now, my work is letting it out there. I would be working on a piece that made 5 years ago or 3 years ago. If I were like a blazing fire in the past, I am more about letting things down and organizing them now. In the past, I could not throw away anything that I worked on and focused on showing them. These days, I am more selective and filter out things and try to show what seems better. It is not the kind of work that I can do continuously so I work on them whenever I can.”

Ku Hye Sun produced her own album this time. She wrote the lyrics, the music and even sang and played piano herself. She has made movies and drew paintings and she is surprising the people with her high quality musical ability.

“I did not study musical composition. I compose digitally so worked on the music while communicating with the producer. Because I played piano as a child, I think I was implicitly trained in sound. I really had a lot of curiosity growing up and I had to fully satisfy my curiosity. So, I had to touch and face those to satisfy them. What I was curious about had to do with piano and drawing. I think those memory still inside of me are helpful to me.”

Reporter comments that if there are people who applaud Ku Hye Sun’s attempts, then there are those who put her down. Ku Hye Sun is not hurting anyone but only doing what she enjoys…does Ku Hye Sun feel bad about that?

Ku Hye Sun: “It is not possible to ignore such things. What I realized in my 30’s is that not everything works out the way I want. Sometimes, what I thought I messed up turns out to be OK and vice versa. I think it is hard to be happy at other’s happiness. If I really look at myself honestly, I am sure I am not any different. If I try hard and it fails, I can put myself down and feel ruined. (laughter) But I would feel definitely uncomfortable about it since only the result is shown and not what went into it.”

Reporer notes that Ku Hye Sun is described by others as 4-D, mysterious, etc. but the reporter saw that Ku Hye Sun is overflowing with ?허당기=(I don;t know what it means). Reporter asked her how can she be so funny and Ku Hye Sun answered with “I am getting old.”

Ku Hye Sun: “When I was younger, I expressed what I felt without filter. I learned to control my emotions as an adult. But, as I turned 30, I felt that it is better to naturally express my emotions. I am trying to express what I naturally feel inside without thinking about it. As I get older, I do feel that I am getting more open.”

“My emotions have big ups and downs. For instance, if I am feeling good and active in June, I may gradually feel like I am becoming distant from the world by August and become depressed. (laughter) Director Kim KiDuk says that, for him, it is like staying at home all the time and then going outside and moving about and then returnig home again. My feelings change too often daily so I even thought I may have depression and I researched into it. But, I found out that it is not a big deal. Most poeple are like that. If I am hungry or not quite feeling well inside, those small feelings can also affect my general mood in a sensitive way. If I eat well and do number 2 well (hahah,she is funny), my mood is better too. I may have taken these feelings too seriously in the past. But, the more I interacted with others, I feel more enlightened about it.”

Source: StarNews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Ku Hye Sun: “Now that I am over 30, I do think I should get married.

Ku Hye Sun may be 30, but her clear skin and eyes make her look like she is in her 20’s.

Ku Hye Sun says that she has been dating and not dating without leaving a trace. She says that she is still somewhat immature when it comes to dating.

She says she is over 30 but feels like a teenager when it comes to dating. She is good at giving others advice about dating but she does not do well for herself.

Regarding marriage: “I actually thought of not marrying. But now that I am over 30, I realized that I should not live alone. I think I need one person to heat and stir fry with together.” 

Source: StarNews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Ku Hye Sun says that: “only person whom I keep in contact with after a drama is Choi Daniel.”

Reporter asked if she keeps in touch with Lee MinHo. Ku Hye Sun says: “After BOF, I have not even seen him.”

Ku Hye Sun: “I rarely keep in touch with people with whom I worked in dramas. First of all, I feel it is difficult for man and woman to become friends.”

Ku Hye Sun: “People say it is ok to just call and say hello. But, if I call them at dinner times and see how they are doing, things can become strange. There are many moments when it cannot be just friendship. I feel it is much better to keep distance.”

But, Ku Hye Sun continues: “But if we wer meant to be friends, we become friends. Among the actors, only person I stay in touch with is Choi Daniel. He is the unique one. I don’t know how we became friends. It just naturallly happened.”

Ku Hye Sun and Choi Daniel worked together in 2011’s SBS drama, THE MUSICAL.

Source: StarNews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Ku Hye Sun told Money Today reporer that she finds it difficult to continue dating. She is not consistent.

She was asked what is her style about dating: “It depends on the person. I am kind to some men and can be mean to others. I realized that I don’t have just one style when it comes to dating. It seems like various aspects of me just come out one by one.”

“In the past I was like fire but now I try not to be so impulsive. I try hard to understand the guy so that we don’t break up because, without understanding, relationship will end.”

Ku Hye Sun says that she tends to be good to the guy she dates. But, what I want from the guy is very abstract. One time an old boyfriend asked me what I want and I said what I want is love. But he said that he would have preferred if I asked him to buy me a bag.”

Source: StarNews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Ku Hye Sun: “Old boyfriend, nude face is prettier…actually, it is not nude face.”

While talking about her new album Breath2, Ku Hye Sun told a behind story linked to her face without make-up.

Ku Hye Sun was asked about her youthful skin and how she manages it. Ku Hye Sun:”I do take care of it as I get older. I consult dermatologist and eat up all the food that I hear are good for me.” 

“I know I need to exercise but it does not go well. I don’t think I am the type to get a tight body just by exercising. So, I apply BB cream. I dont even go to supermarket without a full make-up.” Reporter says that Ku Hye Sun joked around.

Source: StarNews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi


Ku Hye Sun 허언증(?? liar / mythomaniac). I saw that too. Ahahaha “

When you search for Ku Hye Sun in the internet, what comes up without a fail is “Ku Hye Sun 허언증=Hu-Un-Jeung” (?? liar / mythomaniac) Rumors about Ku Hye Sun roams the net. However, Ku Hye Sun never tried to explain it. She is a pretty thorough person so why didn’t she ever try to clarify it?

Ku Hye Sun met with us to talk about her new album. However, Ku Hye Sun was very open and talked about the public’s thoughts about her.

Ku Hye Sun: I do tend to read most of the negativity out there about me. (laugh) Those who write bad things about me and those who believe in the rumors think them as the truth about me. I feel I cannot do anything about it. What I said in joking manner become recycled and disguised as the truth and they also get retold in other’s writings and the truth again become distorted.

I really like to joke and fool around. But there are people who view me as a no-humor, serious person. In reality, I really enjoy humor, pranks and jokes. You can even say 80% of what I say can be considered a joke. However, when such talks go out to the media, it appears as if I am lying. That is why Ku Hye Sun as the liar seems to be circulating the net all the time.

Ku Hye Sun took the example of her house issue. I said that I live in a 3-pyung size house. However, recently, I said that I live in a house about the size of 200-pyung. From the beginning, what I said is that my room is the size of 3-pyung and that there are 2 rooms of that size. But, that part got edited out and strange rumors circulated. That was very regrettable to Ku Hye Sun.

“However, the souce of such rumors spreading is, without excuse, me. So, there have been times when I really put myself down for that. I definitely want to receive a lot of attention. So, I hide my true feelings. I pretended to be brave without fears. I pretended to be able to do whatever responsibility that was given to me. However, in reality, I have lot of fears and lot of anxieties. But I did not want my shortcomings exposed. I was just a kid who wanted a lot of attention.

Even so there are times when people would praise me more than I expected. When I receive such praises, I try hard to overcome my shortcomings. I am a type of person who is not very mainstream. So, I did not come forward and that is why some rumors have come this far.

Ku Hye Sun want people’s interest for her acting, art, movies and music. She want to be acknowledged by more and more people and she want to show more of herself and she has worked hard and consistently in many types of projects all these years.

6 years later since her first album, Ku Hye Sun has come out with BREATH2 with her own compositions that are even more mature. She has always listened to New Age music since young age and that is the kind of music that she chose to express.

Source: TVreport

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

YG does not reap revenue from Ku Hye Sun’s album

Ku Hye Sun has been with YG for over 10 years. What is YG to Ku Hye Sun?

Ku Hye Sun said:”I am the only one in YG who work on albums that make no money. Most likely, YG does not expect anything big from me either. (laughter)”

It is the same with Ku Hye Sun. Ku Hye Sun does not expect anything from YG brand name. She does not even want YG”s evaluation except for her efforts.

Ku Hye Sun: “First of all, the value of YG brand can be beneficial to me. However it is mistake to think that YG money is used to make my album. I use my own money to work. I may not have known it as a younger person, but now I know about the flow of capital and therefore I cannot just ask for their investment. Investment is only possible if there is number and collection and that is the boundary of business. 

Ku Hye Sun is not just an actress who does not know anything. She has learned about the flow of capital while she made her movies, set up her art exhibitions and completed her albums. She knows more than anybody else that her music does not produce money.

“I know what genre make money and what does not. Mine is what does not produce money. That is why I work independently and separately making sure I do not cause any harm to the company.Company’s function is to make profit. For me to ask for their investment is being selfish. Even if a company has the heart of parents, that is not the way to go about it.”

Then, what is the reason that Ku Hye Sun would produce an album spending her own money? To Ku Hye Sun, music is not just a hobby. To her, album production is definitely work.

Ku Hye Sun: “Definitely it is not a hobby. Music is money to me. It is just that money is working on a job that does not make money. I live in a capitalistic society and work on a job that ultimately will not make profit. (laugh) I do not make mymusic easily. When it is completed, it is hard. Ultimately, there is no return. Even so, why do I do it? There is definitely reason.”

“People do not just eat to live. They work for other external factors. That is what album work means to me. Like small jobs, I work on them consistently. I may not make money from it and I even have to use my own money, it is something that makes me dream. If I cannot do this, I feel I will get broken down. They say that people get sick if they suddenly stop after having worked for a long time. It is like that for me.”

That is how in 2009, she came up with Breath 1 and more followed consistently. She would compose the music herself, at times she would sing them. She does not stop working on her music. She has always loved New Age music since young age and has recently released Breath 2 which contains 13 music pieces that she compsed. 

Then, how long is Ku Hye Sun going to continue to make music? Is there no end to her thirst for creativity?

Ku Hye Sun: “Honestly, I want to be able to make music as long as I have the energy. As each year passes, I do feel that I am getting more exhausted. I dream of many things and I really like it. However, my time to be able to dream is becoming shorter and shorter for me. I need to become more cool and fit into the reality. The more I need to fit into the reality, I also lose the purity and passion. Personally, I want to be able to live in reality but maintain dream and fantasy. I cannot turn away from reality, but to not be able to dream is similar to death.”

Source: TVreport

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

Ku Hye Sun: Stage Panic–1 bottle of soju and all went ??haywire

Ku Hye Sun debut 14 years ago and has been acting for about 10 years and she suffers from panic on stage??

Ku Hye Sun: “I made the album and started to showcase the music out of great desire. I was not expecting anything big. Anyway, the New Age genre is not a highly competitive type of music. I just want to share the music with others who also like this genre.”

Ku Hye Sun also recorded her singing. However, she said that she will not go on stage.

What is the reason? Ku Hye Sun: “I have great fear/panic about standing on stage. One time in the past, I was so panic stricken that I finished a bottle of soju. My mood became greatly elevated. I monitored my behavior later andrealized that I was out of control.” She laughed.

Ku Hye Sun: “It is not that I don’t enjoy fun. However, I was not satisfied with my stage behavior. Actually I ruined the song. So, from now on, I am not going up on the stage. Anyway, it is not a genre that requires performance. It is enough to play the piano and perfect the score. Honestly, I have just too much fears and too much anxieties. For the sake of everyone concerned, it is better for me not to go on stage.” That is her firm stand on the matter. 

Source: TVreport

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi



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