[MV] Ku Hye Sun – ‘십년이 백년이 지난 후에 (after 10 years 100 years)’

Cre YGEntertainment



4 responses to “[MV] Ku Hye Sun – ‘십년이 백년이 지난 후에 (after 10 years 100 years)’”

  1. ana linsangan says :

    Congrats koo hye sun to your New album..breath2

  2. chindaga14 says :

    i saw so much pain in her eyes,so much heartache..i cried with her,the sadness captured beautifully through her eyes..simple MV yet so many stories have been told❤❤well done dear,good luck for all your new projects ahead❤

  3. chong says :

    The video express her emotion.As long the background music is very intimate.My heart is broken when i see there is a tears in here eyes.Really i love the video which reflects here beauty and behaviour.I love you my idol🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  4. lily says :

    congrats ku hye sun for your new album is so nice music and sentimental i like her song and music very much good luck i hear the music is so beautiful and also sad in her eyes

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