[News] Ku Hye Sun’s 2nd New-Age Album ‘Take a Breath 2’ unveiled on the 12 at Noon!

– Rising interest in if “Take a Breath 2 – After Ten and Hundred Years” will enjoy the same popularity with the first album

Actress KU HYE SUN unveils music of her new-age album “Take a Breath 2 – After Ten and Hundred Years” on June 12 (Fri.) at noon.

KU is releasing “Take a Breath 2” six years after “Take a Breath” released in September, 2009. “Take a Breath 2” is drawing all the more attention, as all the lyrics and melody of the songs in the album are known to have been written by KU herself.

The album talks about the loneliness and love of different seasons and life. “Peach Tree” and “Lovers of the North Pole”, original sound tracks of KU’s second full-length movie “The Peach Tree”, as well as “My Love”, “Moonlight”, “Summer Day”, and “Farewell” are included in the album. Plus, “Cotton Candy”, an original sound track of her 3D short film “Fragments of Sweet Memories”, “After Ten and Hundred Years”, the title track of the album, new song “April” and its piano version, “Disappear”, “See You Comfortably”, and “Magic” are included in the album. So, the album will have total 13 songs.

Title track “After Ten and Hundred Years” is a new interpretation of an original sound track of KU’s film “The Peach Tree” in a piano version, which is composed by KU and arranged by Choi In-Young. It is a sentimental song in which a girl asks her lover to come back to her even if ten or hundred years pass.

Notably, piano music “RAIN” included in her first new-age album “Take a Breath” drew great popularity recently on China’s biggest search engine QQ six years after its release. The music drew a keen attention by topping QQ Music’s popularity index chart for four days from the 26 last month (Sun.). Such popularity is understood to have come from the high popularity of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama series “Blood” in which KU played the title role in China and KU’s rising popularity on Weibo.

Meanwhile, in line with the release of her second new-age album “Take a Breath 2”, KU will unveil the music video of the title track which was directed by herself on the same day.

Source: ygfamily


7 responses to “[News] Ku Hye Sun’s 2nd New-Age Album ‘Take a Breath 2’ unveiled on the 12 at Noon!”

  1. ana linsangan says :

    Congrats unnie..hye Sun koo..

  2. chong says :

    Wow!i hope and pray this album will hit the bill board.Congratulatuons for all your achievement.I will always love you and God blesss.Muahhhhh

  3. Minsun4ever says :

    Congrats and lots of love and success both on your new album and your true love – LMH

  4. Bhet07 says :

    So pretty and fresh…😍🌺💐

  5. bibi says :

    wow!!!!so proud of you Hye sun!as usual you just amaze with your talent!!g’luck with this album!!!wish you all the best…

  6. Clau says :

    you look very elegant. your neck belongs to angels. good luck!!!!

  7. Tia says :

    CONGRATULATIONS SWEET, GORGEOUS KU, your not only stunning your amazingly talented and intelligent. BEST WISHES ON YOUR NEW ALBUM, konsamedah for sharing with us your talents. Praying one day you will also meet the man of your dreams that will be a great start to fulfilling all of your life long dreams. With God’s blessing may you continue to shine like the beautiful STAR that you are. saranghae KHS-ssi ❤ FIGHTING ❤

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