[News] Lee Min-ho’s fans celebrate Lee’s 9th anniversary

South Korean actor Lee Min-ho is receiving a flood of congratulations from his fans around the world on the ninth anniversary of his debut, local media reported Monday.

Lee made his debut with the EBS teenage drama “Secret Campus” in 2006.

“Lee’s fans from every corner of the globe are celebrating his ninth anniversary by sharing congratulatory messages and holding meaningful events for Lee. We really appreciate fans’ support and events prepared for Lee,” said a representative of Lee’s management agency.

His Korean fans put on “Billboard Event” six years in a row, in which they display congratulatory words and key moments from the films and TV series Lee starred, on the billboards across major spots in Seoul such as Myeong-dong, Gangnam, Sinchon area.

Lee’s fans in Japan have made a street named after him, called “Lee Min-ho Street,” in the downtown of Tokyo while presenting congratulatory messages on the large billboards across Tokyo. They also have had some buses with posters of Lee travel around Seoul to promote his world tour.

Chinese fans are continuously making donations under Lee’s name to celebrate his anniversary since they made a donation for Sichuan earthquake relief in his name.

Turkish fans conducted a paragliding performance at 2,400m above the sea level to show the love and support for Lee, according to the reports.

Lee expressed his gratitude to his fans saying, “I’m truly grateful for the fans’ love and continuous support. All these warm words mean a lot to me. I’ll repay the supports I have continued to receive from my fans with good films”

Lee, 27, has most recently donated 100 million won to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal under the name of his fan club “Minoz,” while participating in various charity drives through the donation platform “PMZ” which he established with his fans.

By Hong Hye-jin (honghyejin@heraldcorp.com)


Photo credit: tenasia



3 responses to “[News] Lee Min-ho’s fans celebrate Lee’s 9th anniversary”

  1. sara says :

    Thank you lee min ho
    I love Minsun

  2. sun2346 says :

    I’m congratulations to u.
    Many more successful years to come.
    Cheers u.

  3. myoblu says :

    Congratulations for your 9th years debut’s anniversary , for all your awesome achievements ! Many more ahead , you can do more because you are such a talented actor with huge potential ! Good luck ! DAEBOK ! Shake the fog from your head and regain your clarity , choose soon a drama and / or a film and come back to us , on your first place in our hearts and minds ! Remain forever the half of MINSUN , after life and health THE LOVE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT YOU /WE HAVE ! Please don’t wast it ! I love and admire you ,my adorable Prince !

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