[Video & Photo] 150510 Ku Hye Sun @ Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games Opening Ceremony

cre chloe

**Please do not re-upload**

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9 responses to “[Video & Photo] 150510 Ku Hye Sun @ Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games Opening Ceremony”

  1. chong says :

    Wow a very nice opening for this international games!good luck to all and i’m so happy because director KU HYE SUN is one who is presented is this event.A very lovely lady!

  2. sara says :

    I love ku hye sun
    Ku hye sun is the best

  3. Jamie says :

    Our beautiful Angel! 😘

  4. myoblu says :

    Ku Hye Sun , the noblest person , a great , warm heart , a beautiful mind and soul ! God bless you and give you all you’re worth ! Be happy and loved forever ! Never stop to be the half of MINSUN ! I love and admire you my adorable Princess !

  5. ana linsangan says :

    Pretty nice person…love you! Ku hye sun..my idol forever..the only Korean actress that I really admire

  6. Jamie says :

    A beautiful lady who always make s difference ❤️

  7. lily says :

    i love ku hye sun she is my best actress and always beautiful and young i admire her her music she play is very beautidul

  8. Teri Camacho says :

    I have a very great respect for our gorgeous KU HYE SUN-SSI, whose so loving, open minded and with such great passion for others! Truly unique lady. SARANGHAE KU HYE SUN-SSI ♡ FIGHTING ♡ BLESS YOUR HEART.

  9. rahmawati says :

    just love her..she is so adorable..love her even more..fighting GHS

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