[News] Lee Min Ho Donates to Nepal Earthquake Relief in His Fanclub’s Name

Actor Lee Min Ho joins the slew of celebrities who have been showing their support to the victims of the recent Nepal earthquake.

On May 4, a representative from Lee Min Ho’s management agency shared that the actor has donated under his fan club’s name to the Korean Committee for UNICEF’s Nepal earthquake relief fund.

“Lee Min Ho donated 100 million won (approximately $92,400 USD) asking that it be used towards helping Nepalese children and victims of the recent big earthquake. He did so not under his personal name but under his fan club’s name, Minoz,” the representative said, “Donating under Lee Min Ho’s fan club’s name was decided based on Lee Min Ho’s own desire to reciprocate the love that he has long received from his fans. His hope is for the people who are suffering due to this unexpected calamity to recover even a day earlier.”

Indeed, Minoz have engaged in many philanthropic activities under Lee Min Ho’s name. When the actor participated in a UNICEF malaria campaign, his fan club showed support through gathering donations. Minoz have also donated to the construction of a library as well as the erection of “Lee Min Ho Forest” in Patagonia. Last year, Lee Min Ho founded donation platform PROMIZ (PMZ), which has hosted campaigns like constructing wells in Malawi and preserving endangered species.

Meanwhile, the Korean Committee for UNICEF has already raised and donated $1 million USD to Nepal in the first round of its ongoing emergency relief campaign.

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One response to “[News] Lee Min Ho Donates to Nepal Earthquake Relief in His Fanclub’s Name”

  1. chong says :

    Pare you are ambassador of good will!!!!keep it up!👍I hope someday you will be together again with director ku hye sun.I know you really love her😊😊😊God bless

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