Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 02/05/2015


updated on 02 May 2015 11:23 (KST)



18 responses to “Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 02/05/2015”

  1. chong says :


  2. Ruthie says :

    Always a pleasure to see her communicating with her fans….

  3. sruthyminsuner says :

    she is extremely beautiful like a goddess.i pray to god that she is with LMH.According to me,she is the most talented and beautiful korean ever.

  4. Jamie says :

    I pray and hope you are still with “L” as he calls himself in IG .
    It takes faith and scarf ice to keep the tejationship together for years – overcoming all the scandals and hardship that comes with popularity . If you are still together -here to you both 👏
    Once a minsunner is always a MinSunner . I just hope you marry, have long lasting love and have beautiful babies ❤️

  5. myoblu says :

    I like to see the light in your eyes and the gloomy clouds gone . I just hope you’ll be continually happier . Rise and shine my SUN !

  6. geenah says :

    Lee Min Ho had Park Min Young, now Suzy. Ku Hye Sun is open to the market. She is totally fine without being connected to him! She deserves someone better! I only love those who love her and are loyal to her.

    • bib says :

      Couldn’t agree with you more! I know woman are supposed to be meek and forgiving, but this guy (LMH) has too much baggage under his belt!GHS should just find someone worthy of her! I thot perhaps AJH from Blood would do, but he has a girlfriend so its a no no! maybe the lead actor from Healer would be a great match, he is hottt!!!! so delicious!!

      • bibi says :

        or maybe her angel eyes co-star! they brought the heat with that kiss from ep 13. wow……!

  7. myoblu says :

    I hope from all my heart and mind ,that they are reconciled after this messy issue with Suzy and I know he never ,ever “had” PMY It was a wrong mise-en -scene , like this one , either . There are wicked scenarios which benefit on him , I feel in my all being , that he only loves GHS-ssi . And I hope ,for her happiness to be with her love :LMH-ssi – not a lonely nun . I know from her own words that she loves completely him -A love that can’t be thrown so easily . There still is forgiveness !!!

  8. myoblu says :

    I LOVE MINSUN ALWAYS ! Even when no one else does !

  9. Clau says :

    Is there a tear in her right eye? Hope not.

  10. Jamie says :

    Minsun forever . After all – this blog is for our Minsun couple 😊

  11. Jamie says :

    LMH ❤️GHS

  12. geenah says :

    Ku Hye Sun shines without being linked to LeeMinHo! She’s a sun who has her own light! Be happy and be free Ku Hye Sun ssi! We love you as you are!

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