[News] Ku Hye Sun’s Piano Piece “RAIN” Takes No.1 on China’s Biggest Search Engine QQ’s Music Chart… “Unbelievable Success”

– With drama “Blood” drawing big attention in China as well, Ku’s music released six years ago tops music charts again
“RAIN”, a piano piece written by actress Ku Hye Sun, is showing a remarkable success in China, taking the No.1 on the music chart of the country’s biggest search engine QQ.  
“RAIN” is drawing big attention in China, taking the No.1 from April 26 (Sun.) to 29 (Wed.) on the popularity index chart of QQ Music (http://y.qq.com/#type=index), the music-streaming website of China’s biggest search engine QQ that has as many as 800 million users. As of the 28 4pm, the music is recording total 768,087 cases of streaming, gaining high popularity in the country. 
Notably, such popularity of “RAIN” is drawing all the more attention, as it is ranked in the top place on the chart six years after its release in piano album “Take a Breath” in September, 2009. 
Such popularity is understood to be brought by the rising interest in Ku in China, as KBS2 TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama series “Blood” for which KU played the title role, is creating sensation in the country on Weibo and other SNSs. 
Ku Hye Sun’s piano piece album “Take a Breath” was her first album that was released as the original sound track of “Magic”, the first full-length movie directed by Ku and released in June, 2010. The album drew a big attention back then, for participation by singer Gummy and Japan’s new-age musician Isao Sasaki. “RAIN”, the first rack of “Take a Breath”, is a song written by Ku and performed by pianist Jo Hyun-suk, whose beautiful melody captivates listeners. 
As the news of “RAIN” taking the No.1 in China is known, local fans are sending congratulatory messages on China’s biggest SNS Weibo, etc., saying, “The music of a film directed by Ku taking the No.1 on chart, that is so great”, “RAIN written by Ku is now in the No.1 on the popularity index chart!”, “Congratulations on KU’s No.1 on QQ music chart.”, etc. 
Plus, Ku has been strengthening her presence as a Korean Wave actress, boasting a continuous popularity throughout Asia including Japan and China. The number of Ku’s followers on her Facebook account (www.facebook.com/kuhyesun1109) is surpassing 4,670,000 as of April 29. 
Source: ygfamily


9 responses to “[News] Ku Hye Sun’s Piano Piece “RAIN” Takes No.1 on China’s Biggest Search Engine QQ’s Music Chart… “Unbelievable Success””

  1. Ruthie says :

    Daebak! WANJANG DAEBAK! GHS shall prevail! No one can stop our SUN from shining. Congrats to our angel GHS!!!!

  2. bibi says :

    YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!thats how we do minsuners..this girl is honestly blessed.im so happy for her, she deserves it so much. congratulations noona.

  3. Jamie says :


    Haters you can hate all you want but our Koo has good karma that will slways surface to the top . She also have the support and best wishes being directed to her by her loyal Korean and international fans!

    • clau says :

      We hope you will create those things again. We miss them . you are a beautiful person and great artíst. We all Love you!!

  4. ana linsangan says :

    Congrats again..koo hye sun sssi..

  5. chong says :

    Wow another achievement for our idol director.I will bow my head and give my right hand and say oh my God you deserve it.Congratulations again and more blessings because you are so blessed.I LOVE YOU AND MUAHHH😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Mara says :

    I hope for her continued success… She is a good person she deserves all the blessings coming her way!

  7. jane says :

    can you pls. help me..I several times to try to open the site name soompi joondi but the wallpaper is not the same like before.. i was shock about that.. how can I saw or follow again the soompi joondi..thank you so much.

    • meow says :

      soompi is moving server so the page might not be loaded. Just wait until the progress is done, it will be back to normal

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