[News] Ku Hye Sun shares her thoughts after wrapping up “Blood”

On April 22, actress Ku Hye Sun, through her management agency YG Ent., shared her thoughts on the drama “Blood”.

Ku Hye Sun said, “regarding the criticisms on the way in portraying the character/ role, I feel apologetic towards the crew and casts of the drama. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude towards the warmth and care from the crew, director, senior & junior actors; and thanks all the viewers for loving ‘Blood’.”

– omit the part about the background of this drama –

Source: allthatstar.com

Translation: meow

photo credit: TopStarNews



8 responses to “[News] Ku Hye Sun shares her thoughts after wrapping up “Blood””

  1. Minnie says :

    Koo- we love you ! You should not apologize because Blood drama was great . You did a wonderful job. I cried just as hard when you cried. You evoke the same emotions eitg your viewer so you have succeeded in your acting . Don’t listen to the antis and bad criticism- they just want to bring you down. Awesome job Koo!

    • bibi says :

      Minnie, yet again I agree with you a 100%! she did an awesome job with blood and I don’t understand why she has to apologize for poor ratings! I think some people generally watched the first two episodes and lost interest. if only they knew what they’ve missed! I feel sorry for them! so don’t apologize for anything ma dear, you were pitted against very strong Korean drama contenders, these dramas were no joke I tell you, talk about healing, kill me heal me, heard it from the grapevine. I still thought yours was the best!!! I was really hoping that AJH was single so you guys could hookup, your chemistry with him was amazing, you sincerely looked great fantastic together, all that milky paleness oooohhhhhhh……..beautiful!!!

  2. chong says :

    SOme People they dont have satisfactions.The drama is so good.The important is all of portray the roles.KEep Up the GOOD WORK!!!😊😊😊LOVE LOTSSSS

  3. Minnie says :

    Agree ! I thought the love chemistry was awesome – looked so real which is hard to do . Every time Koo has a crying scene – I cried with her . That is how her acting affected me. Good job Koo and good job Blood team ! Hope to see more collaborations . #1 in drama fever is not easy to do ! Love you GHS .

  4. Ruthie says :

    Our dear angel GHS…She did an amazing job in BLOOD…nailed Rita character spot-on! No apology was necessary for her portrayal of Rita. Haters are psychologically sick beings; they will never be satisfied no matter what she does. Thank God for well-balanced supporting fans & colleagues of hers.
    Without GHS, I would not have any interest in kdramas at all…….I hope she will rest well & return with another project….otherwise my life would really be mundane. God bless GHS!

  5. Jamie says :

    I like this look on Koo – she always look good with hats on . Beautiful and talented Goo Hye Sun. I truly hope you find your true love – the one who will love you conditionally, protect you from the netizen and the criticism , stick up for you when others tried to take you down, be proud and say to the world – ” this beautiful woman is mine and don’t you dare hurt her in any way . ” That is what I call a true man for you .How I wish Choi Daniel is more than a friend to you . He seems kind and ver supportive . If you were my daughter – I am the proudest mother . Your mother raised you well. Love from your international fan.

  6. geenah says :

    She apologized because she is strong to take responsibility. Only a strong person can do that! Though she did not really do anything wrong either. It’s her humble personality that made her do this. Hye Sun is just an amazing person! Blessed is the man who can have her as a wife!

  7. Bhet says :

    I wish the people harshness and cruelty about your acting won’t stop you from doing drama.. We really like you doing more drama and we hope to see you more active…. You’re awesome and we know you’re doing your best. and NO APOLOGIES!

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