Lee Min Ho updated on weibo on 18/4/2015

빠빠이 샤먼~ 오랜만에 보니 죠으다. Hi 又见面了 厦门!看到大家真的很开心.

(based on Chinese: Hi, we meet again, Xiamen! I am really happy to see you all.)



5 responses to “Lee Min Ho updated on weibo on 18/4/2015”

  1. Minnie says :

    Suzy tweeted – thank you or thank you my love . Are you trying to connect ? To what ?
    This tweet is not for you – hahaha

  2. geenah says :

    For some reason I am thankful that LMH is not the guy for
    KHS! She is way too pure and too good for him! He is kind of a girl-collector, no loyalty. There’s someone in-store for you Hye Sun, a way greater person!

  3. Minnie says :

    I agree to all. It’s seems that her agency doesnt back her up when her projects doesn’t do well but when your man does not stand up for you publicly and intead let the new scandal envelope him (true or not) that is not what I call love . GHS is a strong woman but even a strong woman needs a man to lean on that will stand up for her . My wish is she finds an older and loving and successful man who loves unconditionally outside the entertainment
    world and she can then focus on her art and start a family .

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