[Photo] 150417 Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport depart for Xiamen, China

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6 responses to “[Photo] 150417 Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport depart for Xiamen, China”

  1. Minnie says :


  2. geenah says :

    He is not as handsome as I thought he was! He is over exposed!

    • Minnie says :

      Agree . Too much Cf’s . Too much LMH and Suzy stories – just too much !
      Not sure anymore who he truly is. He is the product of Starhaus . GHS remained the same person from 2009 til now. I think if they renained together – not sure if his world will fit in her life publicly now . I think Suzy is over exposed too so they kinda make a perfect couple. I hope that GHS finds a man outside the show biz like her friend so she is always going to be the star and not be in the back burner . I was wishing and hoping for mindun love but I don’t think it’s possible any more . I think it’s more LMH lost. GHS is a loyal friend and probably 200% more loyal as a girlfriend . I hope she finds her true love and start a family soon. She will make a great mom .❤️GHS

  3. geenah says :

    She truly is a great person, down-to-earth and she works for what she wants. She inspires me in so many ways.

  4. choisunfan says :

    Since Koo Hye Sun is already in marriageable age (I think she’s 33), revealing their relationship to the public would mean that they will settle soon. LMH can’t just give up the fame at this time, he’s still the number 1 hot commodity in Asia especially in China, Dating Suzy who is young, pretty and one of the hottest starts/idols will make him stay relevant and on top in this tough entertainment industry. I believe he still in love with GHS and stay in touch with her as a “special friend”??? However, he’s priority is work at this time.. that’s sad…

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