[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 150407 ‘블러드(Blood)’ new still cuts

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8 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 150407 ‘블러드(Blood)’ new still cuts”

  1. bibi says :

    wow!! omo omo omo!!! finally the long awaited kiss!! cant wait for ep 16!!hope the kiss is good, n that KHS kissed like in angel eyes or better than that!! if you look at angel eyes you will actually realize that she is an amazing kisser! m really hoping she did the same here!! I mean if I had AJH as my lead, I would literally eat him up……….those lips! yummieeee…………

  2. Minnie says :


  3. chong says :

    that guy is very lucky!

  4. geenah says :

    Blood is just getting better each day. How I wish it’s more than 20 episodes! More kisses in the future pls:) I love these two!

  5. Ruthie says :

    RiSang……Wanjang Daebak! 20 episodes are really not enough…we need to savor more of RiSang moments!

  6. geenah says :

    They said it took ten takes for this kiss scene! Good for ahn Jae Hyun and his ttukbokki lips! He got to kiss Hye Sunni that much.They really made up for those 15 episodes without kissing.

  7. Elizabeth says :

    How come the Blood’s stills are taken out?… anything happened?

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