[Photo] Lee Min Ho for GRAZIA (April 2015)

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2 responses to “[Photo] Lee Min Ho for GRAZIA (April 2015)”

  1. Jojo says :

    LMH – you have so many CF that I think you have lost your identity . You can’t possibly believe in everything you are endorsing . 😞
    Where is the old LMH – the one who is so in love with GHS and pure ?

    GHS doesn’t have much . I don’t know if she is not popular enough or if it’s her choice . I’d like to believe that she endorses only the stuff she truly believes in. I think its more the latter . Its more like she picks and choose because that’s the woman that she is – she is deep and full of conviction . 😊

  2. Jane says :

    The Lee min ho who we thought loved GHS is now gone . The LMH who sang” I will “and saved jandi is gone . What we have left is the commercial LMH – the starhaus man-made LMH and now Mr Suzy because that is all we read everywhere😴

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