[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 150330-31 “블러드 (Blood)” new still cut

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12 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 150330-31 “블러드 (Blood)” new still cut”

  1. ana linsangan says :

    So cute.. The chef,,

  2. Ruthie says :

    Beautiful angelic Ri Ta…..GHS owns Yoo Ri Ta character! #BloodAJA!

  3. bibi says :

    cant wait, what’s happening?? did she move innnn…… omg! whaaaattttt….soooo exciting!!!who cares about the ratings, this drama rocks…..people don’t know what they are missing…and KHS &AHJ are doing a great job..don’t mind the critics, people tend to criticize what they don’t know or fear, if they would just watch more than 2 episodes of this drama, im sure they would be hooked too!!!! KHS & AHJ sooo cute!

  4. geenah says :

    She moved in for a few days. So excited for this gorgeous couple! I love Mondays and Tuesdays because of them!

    • Ruthie says :

      Yes…AhnGoo aka RiSang couple has indeed make Mondays & Tuesdays my favorite days of the week….wish that BLOOD has more than 20 episodes….

  5. ana linsangan says :

    I love them.. They really cute.. ,New love team ahngoo…koo hye sun.act very well along with ahn jae hyun……blood fighting

  6. Anhko says :

    Lovers this drama ” blood “, admin pleases change your blog /website, their no minsun, it’s officially now that Lee min go dating with suzy, so pleases, I hate minsun name now, sorry for my poor English language

    • meow says :

      This is my blog, I have no intention to change it since I will still update news on both of them. You can simply skip my blog if you don’t like it.

  7. Anhko says :

    Sorry – now when I look at his photo – I think that he is not sincere . I think he is what his agency made him to be . Btw – they did a good job . He is on top. My thoughts only and I’m probably hallucinating from the shocking news .his agency covered up all the going ons with Hye sun cuz it’s bad publicity for him but with this young girl – it’s ok because she will bring the young fans . Hye sun did not try to please the public – she does what is right even if she was unpopular – she is beautiful, educated and her projects always has a meaning behind it .
    I’m sad to know that my Minsun love story has ended . Just copy and paste from worrier, I’m not good in English language, so I copy and paste from worrier who has same thought on me

  8. Anhko says :

    Sorry meow I makes u angry, so sorry I got to emotional , please accept apologies, so sorry

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