[News] JYP and StarHaus confirm Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship

Soon after Dispatch broke the news that miss A member Suzy and actor Lee Minho were spotted on a date, both of their agencies have responded with confirmation.

On March 23rd, JYP Entertainment released a statement that stated, “Suzy and Lee Minho have been seeing each other with good feelings since a month ago. Suzy and Lee Minho headed to London and Paris respectively for a schedule and after traveled London together and had a very memorable time. Please look on them with fondness.”

Similarly, Lee Minho’s agency StarHaus Entertainment replied, “Hello this is Starhaus entertainment. We would like to respond to the reports from a media source today. The two have been seeing each other for around a month. They are in a careful stage where they are seeing each other with positive feelings. Please look on them with fondness.”

According to Dispatch, the couple just recently starting seeing each other in the past month.

Source: TV Report

Credit: koreaboo



18 responses to “[News] JYP and StarHaus confirm Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship”

  1. Catherine Ywk says :


  2. Warriors says :

    How can Minsun couple be so wrong ? I’m not a fan if LMH anymore –

    Hye sun – I hope this newsies not a shock to you . That would be worse . You deserve a man who is deserving of you ❤️

  3. ctillman0 says :

    Ni no no. Besides i know age aint nothing but a number but her is nearly 10 older than her. Ahhhhhhhh. I am still hildjng on for him and Hye Sun ti be together. Ahhhhhhhhh

  4. ctillman0 says :

    no no no. I know agr aint nothing but a number but Min ho is nearly 10 years older than her. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I am still holding on hope that him and Hye Sun get together. Their chemistry in BOF is too unforgettable to me. Ahhhhhhhhh

  5. bibi says :

    never really been a LMH fan. GHS is my girl.as long as she is happy, dont care what he does with his life. he is kinda overated anyway.

  6. jane says :

    oh my god….yeah maybe me too, i”m not a fan also of lee min ho anymore,, and maybe i think this issue some of he’s endorsement can possible..aaaaahhhhh i cannot believe it.. after 6 years.. but still i love koo hye sun….

  7. sujaya india says :

    minsun always lasts long forever he may treat Suzy as her unnie a healthy relationship but Ku hye sun is min ho heartbeat so my Dr minsun shippers always MINSUN rockzzzz

  8. sujaya india says :

    Lee min ho and Ku hye
    un made for each other an ideal match love minsun love minsun love minsun

  9. nancy says :

    Koo hye sun es la mejor se merece un hombre que la sepa valorar fuerza koo hye sun .

  10. Warriors says :

    I don’t know how long they have been broken up but I wish he won’t immitate Hye sun’s mannerism- the way she stands and make pouting expressions. Now that I know he is dating someone else – it’s not cute anymore
    May be immitate his new love – act like a 20 year old .

  11. Warriors says :

    Sorry – now when I look at his photo – I think that he is not sincere . I think he is what his agency made him to be . Btw – they did a good job . He is on top. My thoughts only and I’m probably hallucinating from the shocking news .his agency covered up all the going ons with Hye sun cuz it’s bad publicity for him but with this young girl – it’s ok because she will bring the young fans . Hye sun did not try to please the public – she does what is right even if she was unpopular – she is beautiful, educated and her projects always has a meaning behind it .
    I’m sad to know that my Minsun love story has ended .

  12. strawberry says :

    He looks old now in his hairstyle.I don’t think I could be his fan again.Well,I’m fan of ghs first.Goodbye Lee Min ho.

  13. reetayus says :

    Good bye lee min ho..forever…..I’m not fan of lee min ho anymore…

  14. Warriors says :

    I lost interest in him too ! She looks too young for you . No wonder you dyed your hair blonde to match Suzy q

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