[Photo] 150321 Lee Min Ho @ interview session in Hong Kong

summarized translation:

Q: How does Min Ho rank his singing skill?

A: he ranked 50points as he is an actor and singing is not his major occupation.

Q: Do you feel there’s similarity between “Gangnam Blues” & “A Better Tomorrow”?

A: Chracters in both movies experienced hardship and it’s similar in emotional part

Q: If given a chance to act in “A Better Tomorrow”, which character he would choose?

A: He wants to play the role of Leslie Cheung, and he also wants to challenge Chow Yun Fat’s role. He also said he wanted to spare some time next year to learn Chinese & English

Q: As he has debuted for some years, how to maintain a fresh image?

A: During his photoshoot in London & Paris, he dyed his hair in a lighter color

Q: How to keep his original intention & popularity?

A: He doesn’t think about that much. He is grateful towards fans’ support thus feeling happy

Q: What does he think about the reason of winning various polls of “man god”?

A: He said he was not sure about the reason, but he wants to be nominated in polls of “most charismatic actor” or “male who most wanted to married to”

Source: on.cc & apple daily HK

translation credit: meow



2 responses to “[Photo] 150321 Lee Min Ho @ interview session in Hong Kong”

  1. ana linsangan says :

    Still I support my idol koo hye sun,, although Lee min ho reveal that he and suzy has in relationship… Its really hard for us snd so hurt.. I know someday my unnie koo hye sun see the right person that she loves most,,

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