[News] Lee Min Ho Heats Up the Philippines by Gathering Over 10,000 Fans

Lee Min Ho has heat up the night in the Philippines.

On February 24, Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines in order to meet with the fans through an event for Kyochon Chicken, which he is modeling for. The event, which took place in Manila’s Greenhills Center, gathered over 10,000 fans and a large crowd of citizens around the building, leading to a mobilization of local police officers for security purpose.

Starting with Boys Over Flowers in 2009, Lee Min Ho earned top star status in the Philippines through various projects. The Philippines press named ‘his unchanging manners for many years despite being on top’ as the reason behind his popularity and has stated, “We learn about Korea through Lee Min Ho,’ and “We learn the Korean language, food, fashion and culture through Lee Min Ho’s dramas,” highly praising Lee Min Ho’s role in spreading the Korean culture.

An affiliate of Starhaus, Lee Min Ho’s agency, shared, “Although people from various nationalities gather each time, they speak to Lee Min Ho in Korean, in order to express their affection. We’re just shocked at how their Korean gets better each year.”

Meanwhile, Gangnam 1970 starring Lee Min Ho will premiere in the Philippines on March 4. Gangnam 1970 is the first Korean film that sold over 2 million tickets in 2015 and it will premiere in countries around Asia as well as North America and Australia.

Filipino singer Freddie Aguilar’s Anak will be used as the theme song of Lee Min Ho’s character Kim Jong Dae in the film.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld


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