[News] ‘Blood’ Goo Hye Sun makes a 180 degree change from student Geum Jan-di to specialist

The production briefing for KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday series ‘Blood’ was held on February 11 at Sungmo Hospital in Banpo dong, Seochogu, Seoul. The cast Ahn Jae-hyun, Ji Jin-hee, Goo Hye-sun, Son Soo-hyun, Jin-kyung, Jo Jae-yoon, Jung Hae-in, Jung Hye-sung, co producers Ki Min-su and Lee Jae-hoon, and the production crew gathered at the scene.

‘Blood’ is a drama that will portray a vampire doctor’s story of success and challenges, as he fights for dignity and justice of life while he saves lives of terminally ill patients in a cancer hospital.

Goo Hye-sun was cast to play the role of Yoo Rita, a specialist of liver and biliary-pancreatic surgery department. “She is an heiress, who is an arrogant person. However, she is seeking for her true love,” Goo introduced her character.

Goo Hye-sun showed off her vampiric, ageless beauty

“I always have been cast to play the role of a young student, just like Geum Jan-di from ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I was curious why the producers thought of me for the role of Yoo Rita. When I asked the producers about the reason, they said it was because of my big eyes. Since Yoo Rita is a doctor, she performs surgeries. Because of the mask, they said they wanted an actress with big eyes. Also, because Jae-hyun has really bright, pale skin, they wanted someone similar,” replied Goo Hye-sun, for the question regarding the casting.

It is actually Goo Hye-sun’s first time ever to play the role of someone who is rich. However, she gave an interesting answer. “That’s a bit of a pity. Since I’m a doctor in the drama, I can’t put on accessories, I can’t color or let down my hair. I also am not able to wear heels. It is a little hard to show wealth on the outside,” said Goo.

She drew high expectations on her transformation in acting. “The scriptwriter asked me to do the lines clearly, like I’m doing a play. And when I saw some experienced female doctors here at the hospital, I really found them talking like that. I got some useful tips for acting by observing them.”

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Blood’ will hit the home theaters on February 16th.

GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by Ryuma, English Translation by Veronica Choi

Source: getitk.com



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