[News] Lee Min Ho Talks About His Favorite Song + Fans from Different Countries

Actor Lee Min Ho recently took part in an interview for fashion magazine The Star, and discussed various topics, from his global tour, to his favorite song, as well as the differences amongst fans from all over the world.

When asked to share his thoughts on wrapping up his global tour, the actor expressed, “The global tour is a project I’ve continued to do. I sang a total of 12 songs on stage [for the tour]. If it was me in the past, that’s something I could never have imagined doing. Going on stage and being together with fans is a happy memory.” He also chose “Song for You (I’ll Sing)” from his latest album as the most memorable song, as it is a song just for his fans.

In response to the question of his favorite song to sing when he’s not on stage, Lee Min Ho shared, “’That I Once Lived by Your Side’ [by Toy (Kim Yeon Woo)]. The lyrics are relatable and it’s a song that I’ve liked since a long time ago.”

The interviewer also asked if there are differences amongst his fans from countries all over the world: “When I went overseas for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in 2009, I felt each country’s distinct character. Now, I don’t feel a big difference. Now, I think I’m able to experience a special feeling when I see the fans’ expressions or eyes, which goes beyond language. I feel an overwhelming sense of emotion whenever that happens.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho successfully wrapped up his global tour “RE:MINHO” last month.

Photo Source: The Star

Credit: soompi



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