[News] Ahn Jae Hyeon, Ku Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee and More Attend Script Reading for ‘Blood’

The first script reading session has been unveiled for Blood starring Ahn Jae Hyeon, Ku Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee, and more.

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama Blood, set to air in February, will tell the story of a vampire doctor treating patients suffering from incurable diseases and struggling to fight for the nobility of life and justice. The drama will be another project of the Good Doctor production team.

The first script reading, which took place on December 4 at the KBS drama practice room, was attended by the main cast members of Blood, including Ahn Jae Hyeon, Ku Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee, Son Sook, Kim Yoo Suk, Jin Kyung, Park Jun Myun, Jung Hye Sung, Son Su Hyun, Jung Hae In, and more, signaling the beginning of the drama. Although the script reading practice continued until the third episode, the cast members enthusiastically engaged themselves in it, showing their passion for the drama.

Ahn Jae Hyeon, Ku Hye Sun, and Ji Jin Hee managed to smoothly read their script, which was filled with complicated and difficult medical terms.

Taking his first lead role in a drama, Ahn Jae Heyon showed himself completely synchronized with his character, doctor Park Ji Sang, showing up at the site with his flawless and pale face.

Having arrived at the site in her long black hair wearing a white coat, Ku Hye Sun showed her unexpected charms as soon as the script reading began. Having thoroughly analyzed her character, Ku Hye Sun acted out her cheerful, straightforward, and bright character, Yu Ri Ta.

Jin Jin Hee also realistically depicted his character, Lee Jae Wook, who looks gentle and charismatic on the outside but has a cruel nature. Taking a major role as the rookie actress, Son Su Hyun acted out her character, doctor Min Ka Yeon with her lively acting.

On top of this, the veteran actors, such as Son Sook, Kim Yoo Suk, Jin Kyung and Park Jun Myun, led the atmosphere of the script reading site with their realistic facial expressions and speech that well-suited their characters. They added warmth to the reading by cheering and giving advice to the younger actors, such as Jung Hye Sung and Jung Hye In, who were nervous.

The script reading session was also attended by Kim Min Soo PD and writer Park Jae Bum. They discussed each character along with the cast members, adding detailed descriptions of each scene, showing great teamwork from the very beginning.

IOK Media, the drama production company, stated, “It was a gathering that reflected the cast members’ overflowing passion. The cast members’ synchronization with their characters formed a perfect harmony with their teamwork in acting. Please show a lot of anticipation for the new fantasy medical drama that they will be making.”

Interest has been gathering for the new fantasy medical drama, Blood, which will be the new project of Ki Min Soo PD and writer Park Jae Bum, who produced Good Doctor.

Photo credit: IOK Media

Source: enewsworld



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