[News] Lee Min Ho Went to Emergency Room While Filming ‘Gangnam 1970’

Lee Min Ho shared the story behind going to the emergency room while filming Gangnam 1970.

On January 6, Lee Min Ho attended Gangnam 1970 Red Carpet & Showcase at Time Square, Youngdeungpo and shared, “I went to the emergency room while filming the mud action scene.”

His story only came up when director Yoo Ha revealed, “The filming took place in the mud so the actors faced skin problems,” and the reporters asked about the scene to the cast members.

According to the film affiliates, the mud action scene is one of the highlights Gangnam 1970. While filming the scene, which took over the duration of a week, Lee Min Ho got injured by losing his toenail.

Lee Min Ho previously revealed during Gangnam 1970 press conference on December 12 of 2014, “I did lose a toenail while filming but it wasn’t a huge action scene. I couldn’t film that day and filmed for three days afterwards by getting painkiller injections.”

According to the film affiliates, Lee Min Ho suffered many injuries while filming the movie.

One affiliate shared, “Since it’s a film mostly made up of action scenes, Lee Min Ho suffered big and small injuries. He not only injured his toenail but his hands, arms and other areas.”

However, Lee Min Ho reportedly did not want to announce his injuries publicly. The affiliate revealed, “It seemed like Lee Min Ho didn’t care so much about his injuries. During filming, Lee Min Ho always said, ‘Of course I have to deal with these kinds of injuries while filming a movie,’ and didn’t want to gather interest by announcing them publicly.”

During the showcase that took place on January 6, Lee Min Ho brought up heading to the emergency room but did not go into details about it. The affiliate said, “Lee Min Ho brought up his injury while sharing a story behind filming the movie but I think he gave an evasive answer because he felt embarrassed.”

Meanwhile, Gangnam 1970 will depict the desire, loyalty and betrayal of two men, named Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won), surrounding Gangnam when Seoul was undergoing development in the 1970s. It is the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s street trilogy, following Once Upon a Time in High School and A Dirty Carnival. It is set to premiere on January 21.

Photo credit: Newsen

Source: enewsworld



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