[News] Lee Min Ho melts in the 1970s

Actor Lee Min-ho appears to have gone back to the 1970s in still cuts of his upcoming film “Gangnam 1970” revealed Monday.

The film’s distributor CJ Showbox released pictures of the main actors including Lee, Kim Rae-won, Jung Jin-young, AOA member Sulhyun and more.

The settings and fashion styles in the pictures capture the atmosphere of the 1970s in the Gangnam district.

In the photos, Lee shows off masculinity and charisma, seizing the fans’ hearts. Wearing a leather jacket and old-fashioned jeans, the actor is standing in front of a cigarette store, a common scene in the 1970s.

“The movie will captivate the viewers with its realistic depiction of 1970s’ fashion, scenery and every other small detail,” a spokesperson for the movie production team was quoted as saying.

The upcoming noir film is about two men’s friendship, betrayal and lust for money and power in the Gangnam district in the 1970s, when the region had a real estate investment boom.

Lee plays the role of Jong-dae while Kim appears as Yong-ki. The two characters grow up together in an orphanage and get involved in the lives of gangsters.

The movie is slated to hit theaters on Jan. 21.

By Kim Min-jin (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

Source: kpopherald



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