[News] Lee Min Ho’s ‘Gangnam 1970’ releases character posters

Film distributor Showbox on Monday revealed official character posters for the upcoming “Gangnam 1970” starring actors Kim Rae-won and Lee Min-ho.

The posters feature the film’s lead actors Kim and Lee, actress Kim Ji-soo, AOA’s Sulhyun, actress Lee Yeon-du and others.

In the posters, the actors show off the distinctive fashion of the 1970s and exude the mood of their characters’ personalities and roles in the film.

The upcoming noir film portrays the two men’s friendship, betrayal and lust for money and power around the Gangnam district in the 1970s, during the region’s real estate investment boom.

Lee plays the role of Jong-dae while Kim appears as Yong-ki. The two characters met and grew up together in an orphanage and get involved in the lives of gangsters.

The film is already receiving worldwide attention, preselling its distribution rights to more than 11 countries. The movie is also luring many viewers for being Asian heartthrob Lee’s first lead role in a film.

The movie is to hit theaters nationwide on Jan. 21.
By Kim Min-jin (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

Source: kpopherald



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