[News] Press Release for Film ‘Gangnam 1970 “This Film Is Unfancy. That Is Why This Film Is Cool.”

Press release for film <Gangnam 1970> was held at CGV Theater in Apgujeongdong, Gangnam District, Seoul on December 12. Lee Min-ho, Kim Rae-won, Jung Jin-young and director Yu Ha participated.

Film <Gangnam 1970>, directed by Yu Ha, is a story of desire, loyalty, and betrayal unfold in the background of Gangnam in early 70s. It also portrays friendship of Lee Min-ho(Kim Jong-dae) and Kim Rae-won(Lee Yong-gi).

Director Yu Ha said, “In 1970s, Gangnam was full of political corruption, real estate speculation and so on. I want to ruminate on pariah capitalism through this film.”

Regarding casting, he said, “I have been brainwashed that I should work with actor Lee Min-ho by my wife for 2 years. My wife is big fan of him. It was my fate to work with him.”

Regarding actor Kim Rae-won, “I was so lucky to work with him. He is a good actor and looks kind of naïve. But, he is still little tricky. This matches with his character of film. (laugh).”

Look forward to his acting as a bad guy

Kim Rae-won appears as a man named ‘Baek Yong-gi’ who can commit murder to be a boss.

He said, “I think actors in my age all wish to work with director Yu Ha. I was one of them. I really liked my character ‘Yong-gi’ as well.”“Story of Gangnam in 1970s was really interesting to me,” he added.

Regarding his character, he said, “I asked questions about my character when I first met director. I asked why ‘Yong-gi’ always violent, then director simply said, ‘Yong-gi’ is a gangster.’ He moved me with that statement.”

Director Yu Ha said, “I like to work with actors who have great potential.”“It was also Lee Min-ho’s first challenge for violent and raw character. He has really deep and mellow eyes. People may can see it in the film.”

He also said, “I appear as a hostile man. I think I did a good job in this film.”

Actor Jung Jin-young also stated, “This film is unfancy. That is why this film is cool.”

Film <Gangnam 1970> opens on January 21 next year.

Written by Han Jihee, Photography by Ryuma, Translated by Park Kayla

Source: getitk.com



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