[News] Lee Min Ho Says He Aged While Filming ′Gangnam 1970′

Lee Min Ho shared that his face changed bit by bit while filming.

On December 12, Lee Min Ho attended the production briefing session for the movie Gangnam 1970 at the CGV Theaters in Apgujeong, where he said, “They′re airing reruns of The Heirs on TV but that′s already been a year. Even when I see it, I look younger.”

“But while I was filming Gangnam 1970, I met with friends after six months, and they all asked why I aged so much,” said Lee Min Ho, laughing. “I′m currently in the recovery period. I′m working hard to get younger again.”

In the movie, Lee Min Ho played the role of Kim Jong Dae, an orphan whose only skill was fighting. Dreaming for a better life, he jumps into the fight for the rights to Gangnam, as it developed. This will be Lee Min Ho′s first lead role in a movie since his debut.

Gangnam 1970 is about two men, Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) as they fight through desire, loyalty and betrayal as Gangnam begins to develop.

It premieres on January 21.

Photo Credit: Jang Kyung Ho

Source: enewsworld



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