[News] Director Cast Lee Min Ho in ′Gangnam 1970′ After Being Brainwashed By His Wife

Director Yoo Ha revealed a funny story about why he cast Lee Min Ho.

On December 12, director Yoo Ha attended the production briefing session for the movie Gangnam 1970 at the CGV Theaters in Apgujeong, where he shared, “I had a very hard time at home being brainwashed and pressured to use Lee Min Ho as the main lead. My wife is a huge fan of Lee Min Ho. After two years, I just accepted that working with Lee Min Ho is fate.”

Laughing, Lee Min Ho added, “The director said he didn′t like me before.”

Director Yoo Ha stated, “Honestly, I thought Lee Min Ho was a bit cheesy after watching Boys Over Flowers. He′s so handsome that he needed to have a empty space, but he was like a manhwa (comic) character. Our movie starts out with a junk dealer. I wondered if a manhwa character could pull of being a junk dealer. But when flower boy actors change their image completely, there′s quite a huge effect. I thought it would be good to Lee Min Ho′s conglomerate′s son image to the ground. So that′s how I thought of using Lee Min Ho.”

Gangnam 1970 is about two men, Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) as they fight through desire, loyalty, and betrayal as Gangnam begins to develop.

This will be Lee Min Ho′s first big screen lead role.

It premieres on January 21.

Photo Credit: Jang Kyung Ho

Source: enewsworld



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